Shine A Light

August 19, 2017

Here is your divinely transmitted message for today...


Shine a Light


"There are great shifts taking place right now. Energy portals and vortexes of 100% pure love and light are opening all around you. You are being called to step up to create your most divine manifestation yet. YOU. The powerful cosmic events this month alone are aligning with ascension energies to help usher in a mass awakening, a lifting of the veil, and an illumination of epic proportions.


With the energy of the upcoming solar eclipse, there will be a release and an activation that will resonate throughout the body and spirit. Shadow will present and then give way to illumination. This will be experienced on a cellular level. This will ripple throughout layers of your consciousness and continue to resonate outwards in all directions, affecting the collective. Those already on the path of awakening will have a keener sense of this and will be called to action almost immediately. There will be an irresistible urge to step up into a greater role of leadership, to rally those ready to awaken and teach them how to live from the high-heart, to fortify their spiritual foundation, and to further cleanse and release what no longer serves their highest good.


New pathways and portals of accessing higher light vibrations are already opening up and are being released from shadow.


Paradigms of belief, aligned with lack and limitation are collapsing, along with the timelines and dimensions of reality that support them.


As above, so below.


You are receiving guidance and loving celestial support to shine a light on everything that is aligned with the energy of fear, lack, loss, judgement, loss, sorrow, or limitation, so that it may surface and be cleansed.


You are moving through this time of awakening with more grace and support than you may realize. Take comfort in the fact that you are being guided more and more to be present and aware in the Now Moment, perceiving with great sensitivity from the God’s Eye perspective that which is out of alignment with your highest good on your life’s path and mission.


The energy of this eclipse will bring an undeniable exposure of your highest Truth and how you are being called to step up and embody it. It will shine a light on everything in your life at the moment, showing you what energy you are holding that is running counter to the reality you wish to create, as well as exposing what energy is in alignment with it. This illumination is divinely timed for All, allowing us to take action on our life’s path and purpose from a place of pure alignment, discernment, clarity, and peace."


May this message reach you with infinite blessings and light!

~ Kathryn


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