Let Go of Fear

September 10, 2017

I have been meditating all week on the fear, panic and chaos that seems to be magnifying and I have been asking for clarity and insight on how I may be able to reconcile feelings of my own hopelessness and helplessness that I have been steeped in so much lately. As an empath, I’ve learned how to get pretty good at unplugging from the collective when I need to and “power down” so to speak. But I have so many questions!

I found myself practically arguing with my guides about what I was feeling in response to what seemed like a flat-out denial of the suffering and loss of so many people right now on this planet and I’m sharing with you the response I received. I hope this really helps those of you who are struggling to make sense of this time in our human and spiritual evolution as well. Full disclosure, I got schooled a bit.


Here is your divinely transmitted message for today…


“What you are witnessing on an individual level and transmitting to the collective is fear. While you would rather think of this more as concern, the frequency resonates more with fear. It is resonating/projecting/resonating/projecting on an endless loop and this limited scope of perception based in 3D awareness is not allowing you to see past the veil of your own fears. You have bought and sold this illusion to yourself over and over again. This fear has put you in an energetic holding pattern where you are not allowing yourself to fully trust your perception behind this veil.

Once again, you must understand the nature of your power as a creator. If you cannot imagine or continually hold the vibration of peace, harmonious co-existence of all beings globally, prosperity, or abundance for all, it cannot be. You have not yet been willing to believe with the totality of your being that inclusion, oneness and unconditional love and acceptance can be a reality for all. You believe that some must suffer so that others can prosper. You believe that some must die so that others can live. You believe that most must fail so that a few can succeed.


The ego mind must reign supreme in 3D awareness and it is clever. It seduces you with the duality that you have always known and accepted, sometimes without doubt or question.

The truth is you may not be willing to let the ego stop coloring your view of reality. Perhaps you are still not convinced that spiritual awakening and heart-based awareness aren’t just “smoke and mirrors”- that this notion is satisfying to you to a great degree- but not what you would call “real.”

The only “real” thing that exists is love.
In truth, everything else is “smoke and mirrors.”

Those that are the true light warriors and way-showers now have even more of a pressing obligation to carry this message of love forward to the masses. Your light must shine brighter than ever before to illuminate the collapsing timelines of fear, hatred, exclusion, and persecution. The last gasp of these timelines are playing out, fighting for our attention and energy to keep them from dissolving completely. Without your energy, they cannot exist. Shine a light on them so bright and full of love that they cannot possibly thrive in shadow any longer, and in the darkness propagate new seeds of fear-based consciousness. Shine a light so that humanity can no longer be hypnotized into ego-driven mental slavery to deeds, thoughts and feelings that seduce the mind and deceive the heart.”


With many blessings!
~ Kathryn


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