More of Your Infinite Nature is Arriving Here

October 2, 2017

Did you know that more and more of your infinite nature is "arriving" here on this plane?


There is so much to know about ascension as we experience the planetary shifts into ever-increasing levels of vibration...


...but what about descension? This is something that is also taking place for all of us, whether we know it or not.


There is more and more of yourself “arriving here.” What that means is that more of your higher self, more of divinity, and the multidimensional expression of both, are attempting to integrate with your 3D reality. Your physical body is re-calibrating its energy to accept this new light information that is re-programming your DNA and your cell structure. Your spiritual, light body energy is teaching your physical body how to hold light in a way that you are able to access it fully and comfortably. This is an ongoing learning process.


When I talk about descension, I am talking about the experience of having more of your higher, multi-dimensional self and soul-beingness arriving here and integrating into your physical body.


Our awareness is now in more than a few places at once, some of it in 3D awareness and some of it in 4D or 5D perception. This creates the feeling of wanting to pull out of our physical bodies and stretch our consciousness in ways that can be uncomfortable. It can leave us feeling as if we are remotely operating our bodies.

As you shift into embodying more of 5D awareness, it can seem like not much of your soul being is inhabiting your physical being, that not much of you is residing here in 3D reality, but rather stretching, pulling, reaching outward, accessing other realms of consciousness. However, we still need to be here!


Remember, the process of Ascension doesn’t mean that you are “going” anywhere. It means that you are shifting into a higher vibration of who you are at this time. We may have this desire to ascend into higher realms of consciousness so that we can go “home”, yet, it is also possible to experience the feeling and integration of bringing “home” here. This is what I’m referring to when I talk about descension.


The strong influx of energy felt as we experience ascension can be more readily accepted and utilized by the physical body. Ever-increasing concentrations of your soul and divinity are arriving here. As much as part of your awareness is stretching your consciousness to the realms beyond, the many aspects of your multidimensional self are trying to descend and integrate into your physical 3D being. This integration goes both ways.


Unfortunately, our physical bodies are either having a hard time holding a vibration that can encapsulate this much energy (like a shot glass trying to hold in Niagara Falls) or the ego consciousness rejects these energies as being foreign, invasive and unsafe.


Yet, we can help our bodies out! Through clearing, aligning, strengthening and upgrading the energy centers or chakras of the body, we can ease into the shift of ascension with much more grace and comfort.


The 7 Week Chakra Clearing & Awakening starts this Wednesday.


7 weeks of energy healing and awakening the chakras to balance, tone and optimize the functioning of each of the 7 Chakras- root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown using Belief Work and Sacred Soul Alignments™


Each week we will focus on clearing beliefs that are creating resistance and blocks in your life that are specific to each Chakra level. We will heal and balance underactive and overactive chakras, any trauma or ancestral karma held there over past lifetimes, and we will pull and clear emotional imbalances and unhealthy attachments. Receive the Sacred Element Energy Activation Series of Earth, Water, Fire and Air which correspond to the first 4 chakras to ground and amplify their energy in the earthly realms.


🌈You will receive 4 divinely downloaded Crystalline Light Ray Attunements to anchor your awareness of the upper chakras into the energy of the ascended realms. This is a total recalibration of your chakras that will allow you to activate crystalline cellular structure & more easily merge with the higher heart-based consciousness of 5D reality. This is not like any other chakra clearing that you've ever received!


You will receive over 20 Sacred Soul Alignments™ to help you recalibrate the energy centers of the body to their optimal functioning level.


You will also receive a Chakra Awakening Attunement to assist you in bringing in divine light encodement and the clearest communication possible between all of the energy centers of the body and align with a more profound understanding of the ascended cosmic realms as experienced through the upper chakras, as well as the earthly realms and how they relate to the lower chakras.

This 7 Week Live Workshop starts Wednesday October 4th at 12 pm PT on Zoom. All calls will be recorded.

Reply to this email to secure your spot with the Flash Sale price of $123. Price goes back to $179 as of midnight Pacific time tomorrow 10/2.


This is going to be amazing and I can't wait to get this started!

Hope to see you there!


~ Kathryn


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