Harnessing Full Moon Energy

November 4, 2017

The full moon brings in fullness of self, including Shadow. This is a great time to peek behind the veil of Shadow and see what is right at the surface and ready to be cleared, healed, and integrated back into wholeness.

There is also a fuller expression of your Higher Self coming through at this time to assist you in doing the deeper work of healing lost or fragmented parts of self, fortifying your resolve and bringing in a greater level of support and nurturing.


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Blessings and light!


~ Kathryn


Ready to take your healing process further with a live workshop?


If you…
~ experience low self-esteem
~ lack a sense of willpower
~ are unaware of how to set strong, yet flexible boundaries in your life
~ are afraid of your own personal growth & transformation
…then you are experiencing imbalances in the Solar Plexus Chakra.



✨ Each week we focus on clearing beliefs that are creating resistance and blocks in your life that are specific to each of the 7 main Chakra levels. We will heal and balance underactive and overactive chakras, any trauma, oaths, vows or contracts held in the ancestral karma held there over past lifetimes, clear and activate the DNA and cellular programming, and we will pull and clear trapped emotions, imbalances and unhealthy attachments. Receive the Sacred Element Energy Activation Series of Earth, Water, Fire and Air which correspond to the first 4 chakras to ground and amplify your energy in the earthly realms.
💥 You will receive 4 divinely downloaded Crystalline Light Ray attunements to anchor your awareness of the upper chakras into the energy of the ascended realms. This is a total recalibration of your chakras that will allow you to activate crystalline cellular structure & more easily merge with the higher heart-based consciousness of 5D reality. This is not like any other chakra clearing that you've ever received!
✨ You will also receive a Chakra Awakening Attunement to assist you in bringing in divine light encodement and the clearest communication possible between all of the energy centers of the body and align with a more profound understanding of the ascended cosmic realms as experienced through the upper chakras, as well as the earthly realms and how they relate to the lower chakras.


We start the next round of the 7 Week Chakra Clearing and Awakening on Monday, 11/6/2017. Investment is $297 or 2 payments of $179.


Reply to this email if you would like to join us!






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