11:11 Portal and Understanding All Parts of Alignment

November 12, 2017

The 11:11 Portal brings in new beginnings and accelerated manifestation of thought and feeling into form, but it just as quickly can bring in the resistance to it as well!

This is not a curse!


It's a gift from the universe, showing us the work we need to do to clear the resistance that may be in the way of our abundance. This is a loving invitation from the universe to clear the energy that is keeping you from your heart's desire. Enjoy today's video and I'll explain in more detail.  Watch HERE


If you love messages like this and desire additional support during this time of planetary ascension, you will love my women's Facebook group, Ascending Earth Creatrix. Ascending Earth Creatrix is a group for women healers, intuitives, spiritual growth catalysts, way-showers, light-bearers and all those full of wonder, divinity, and higher heart awareness as they continue to awaken to greater levels of consciousness on the path to Planetary Ascension.

This is a group of loving support where we come together as one to elevate the individual and the collective energy of this group as we create our reality in and from the heart-based awareness of 5D perception. Join HERE if this resonates with you.


On the upcoming Ascension Assistance Sunday, starting 11/12/17, get live support from me on what is opening up for you during this time of planetary ascension. Blessings!


Love and light

~ Kathryn





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