Spiritual Deconstruction & Unraveling

November 19, 2017























Spiritual Deconstruction and Unraveling - is this happening for you?
(Not TO you...)

Have you been asking yourself...
"What is this crazy energy all about right now? Why does it feel like I'm coming apart and coming together at the same time?"

I'm going to give you the low-down on this and more in today's Soul Session Saturday video here: Spiritual Deconstruction & Unraveling


The energy that has been allowed to inform who we are up until now emanates from the smaller, ego self. We are dissolving, unraveling from this false self and grieving for this loss of identity. Yet, we are being called to pay attention to messages, signs and symbols from the Higher Self, inviting us to lean into the essence of what greater role we are here to perform. We simply can't hide from our Divinity anymore. Denying this larger part of self has left us feeling restless, incomplete and fragmented.

Once the energetic void has been created during this process of Spiritual Deconstruction, how will you then be the architect of your most divine incarnation of self yet? What messages from your Higher Self are you finally ready to listen to, and act upon, in order to do this?

Need some help with that?
I recorded the Shamanic Reiki Medicine Wheel Healing Journey for just this purpose.
You can listen to this guided meditation for free on my podcast, The Abundant Intuitive here:
Shamanic Reiki Healing

Wishing you love, light and many blessings!
~ Kathryn



Would you like to actualize more of your Divinity and ground more of your Source Essence into your physical body? Would you also like to...

💫 learn why it is so important as we integrate higher light codes of energy into our awareness as healers to constantly ground and protect our energy before and after client sessions AND walk away with a deeper understanding of some of the unfortunate consequences of NOT doing this.

✨ground into the energy of Mother Earth using the Sacred Elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. I received these transmissions of energy as a more profound way of grounding energy into Mother Earth and to bring vibrations of 5th dimension awareness into the physical body so you may comfortably hold and utilize higher light codes of energy. The Sacred Elements form portals through which we can better align and calibrate our energy to the New Earth Cosmic Grid. Once attuned to these energies, you’ll be able to use them on yourself and your clients as a simple and effective grounding method to add to your spiritual toolbox!

💫 receive new grounding tips and techniques ( with PDF’s) that you may use on yourself and others that will strengthen and protect the energy bodies and healing grids of your energy and that of your clients. ✨ receive a group healing of your personal energy grid which will allow you to clear the energy you may have taken on from others in previous client work ( including any entities, hooks, cords, or attachments) and a re-energizing upgrade to your energy field to replenish depleted stores of energy using the Light-Bringer Healing Essence & Empowerment.

On Monday, 11/27 at 1:30 pm PT, I’m hosting a Grounding & Protecting Masterclass

There are only 6 spots left! We will meet on Zoom for 90 minutes (maybe more for Q & A) on Monday, 11/27/17 at 1:30 pm PT. The class will be recorded.

You can secure your spot in this class with this PayPal link.



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