The Collapsing Timeline Blues

December 10, 2017

The Collapsing Timeline Blues


When you are in the process of creating that next threshold of your financial abundance, realizing a new level of success, or even spiritual expansion- right before that materializes, you call forth all the resistance to it. What can seem like a curse is actually a gift from the universe, letting you know that, because it loves you so much, it wants you to see all the limiting beliefs, behavior programs, patterns of self-sabotage and self-doubt that are keeping you from moving to that next level with ease and joy. Once we realize this is just part of the process of upleveling and expanding into more of what we’re here to be, do or have, it seems less chaotic.


When we refuse to be distracted by these fears, which are usually just echoes of old energies as they fall away, we ensure the collapsing of timelines that hold these limiting and low frequency energies. There is less emotional upheaval and drama and less of a sense of the attachment which keeps our energy anchored in the rigid confines of 3D consciousness. You know your life isn’t actually falling apart, you’re just learning to vibrate with a new and improved version of it. What falls away is of a vibration that no longer resonates with your new operating system!


Yet, you may lament the loss of identity here. When you have associated “who I am” with the identity of someone having less money, less talent, less success, less knowledge or wisdom for so long, when you become “more”, you resist this shift initially because the ego-self has lost its identity. This makes us feel lost and confused. You grieve for this loss of identity. You doubt your judgement. You lack clarity and discernment. You feel invalidated and unsupported, as though you’ve lost your grounding in reality. Pay no attention! This is actually an illusion- the last gasp of a collapsing timeline that does not match the new vibration you are moving into. The ego-self is just learning to identify with your “new normal.”


During this time, take daily inspired action that ONLY serves the vision you are creating and supports the energy of an already existing timeline of abundance and prosperity. Lean into the essence or feeling of what it is you want to create. Go inward and ask if what you are experiencing is actually an echo of a timeline that is meeting its end, or is there some clearing, healing or releasing that still needs to take place for you?


Feel into the answer and you will know.


With love and light

~ Kathryn


Are you having difficulty discerning what is real shadow or resistance in your energy that still needs to be acknowledged and integrated?  What is it that may actually be an echo of old energies that are dissolving right along with the collapse of timelines that no longer align with your vibration?


As we reach the marker of a new year, keen to embrace a new level of abundance, what is still in the way of that which you are trying to create? What feels stagnant, worn and tired? What is calling to your soul? What is the essence of what you want to create? What does it feel like? Do you know how to step into the essence of that vibration so it can manifest?


I am offering a 3 session package to help you begin 2018 with renewed energy and an invigorated spirit. I want to give you the clarity of desire and spirit so you can hit the ground running.


Book the Soul Sessions Package of 3 private, 75 minute sessions with me for $549 HERE


In 3 live coaching sessions, we will work together to clear limiting belief programs and upgrade your current operating system of feelings and beliefs to help you manifest your goals quickly. This is a powerful integration of energy healing to help you release abundance blocks, to pull and resolve beliefs and trapped emotions, and to collapse timelines that are no longer serving you. You will learn a powerful manifesting method that incorporates the new paradigm of co-creating your reality with Source as you are connected to the energy of All That Is- the plane of pure love and light.

You will also receive a series of Sacred Soul Alignments™ that will help you align your vibration, your cells, your DNA and your energy field to match the energies of what you want to call forth to you.

"Just wanted to say that I had my session with Kathryn yesterday and it was SO incredibly powerful for me!! I am still integrating everything, but I am already feeling such AMAZING shifts happening."

~ Tami Long Schmickle






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