Essence into Form

December 16, 2017


This is what 5D is all about.




We are increasingly being invited to align with what the vibration and frequency of what we are creating FEELS like first.


The 5D model of manifesting is all about starting with vibration to help us project our masterpiece of creation on the 3D plane. It allows us to manifest at an accelerated rate since we can create with feeling rather than visualizing. This is like sending out a high-powered transmitter to the universe, letting it know what we are creating using the language of the ascended energies of cosmic consciousness- Essence.


There are so many spiritual tools coming into our collective consciousness right now to help us ground this concept. We can use them to help us redefine and refine our experience of abundance on the planet at this time.

I'll explain more in this week's podcast! Thanks for listening!


Essence into Form


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Heal, Awaken, Ascend


With love and light

~ Kathryn

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