Expanding Your Vessel

December 30, 2017

I've been spending some time lately gathering information about whether or not the process of ascension is slowing down.


This can happen for a number of reasons but I've been receiving a lot of guidance on one major reason why this may be occurring.


Many timelines that have been holding fear, chaos, grief and sorrow have been collapsing. Echoes of these low frequency emotions and energies can present themselves as a heightened energy just before they collapse. This catches the attention of the collective and we all "lean" into the timeline, keeping it alive.


While these energies that are aligned with a fear mentality may feel very real, they are in fact, illusion. This is energy that is moving out. And in it's last gasp, it fights to stay alive and well. The more we lean into this energy and keep aligning with the resonance of it, the longer these timelines take to fully collapse. They cannot survive without our energy since we create them and maintain them.


That is how powerful we are!


Here's an unfortunate by-product of this... the more we keep these timelines of fear alive, the more we lose ourselves in the density of the whole 3D timeline and vibration. In short, it makes us forget why we came here.


Many of us chose to take part in The Grand Experiment on Earth here at this time because we wanted to help guide others into Ascension and help create the New Earth.


We CAN remember why we're here. We can have access to more of the information about why we came and what we came to do. If we lean into love and light and continually expand the energy of our human vessel to access more information about our soul's mission and contract, we can collectively gain more momentum and traction on the path of planetary ascension.


I'm sharing my latest podcast with you, Expanding Your Vessel. I will guide you through an easy and fun process that you can use again and again to expand the energy fields in and around the body and become a greater vessel of light.



~ Kathryn


Would you like to expand your vessel even further?

As we open up to exploring in the Higher Chakras, we find a few things:
~ awareness of 6th 7th and 8th dimension energies and beyond
~ increased connection with cosmic super-consciousness and ascended beings of light
~ awakening of your soul’s memory and where it has existed in other dimensions and timelines, allowing you to remember why you chose to come here and what you came to do to assist in the Grand Experiment of the Ascension process


💫Many more spiritual tools are being awakened for you at this time. Your connection to All That Is and Source is deepening. You’re becoming increasingly aware of energies that resonate in the 6th dimension and beyond. This is all in perfect alignment with your journey on the path of ascension.
✨You are being invited by your soul and Source to explore the high vibration energy portals of the Higher Chakras. You also have the unique ability to ground the information flooding your senses from the higher chakras into the lower chakras and into Mother Earth so you can use these tools for your highest good at this time.
💫We begin the Higher Chakras Masterclass Series with The Soul Star Chakra. Awakening and working with the energy center of your Soul Star Chakra allows you to enhance your connection with the expanded universe, increase your spiritual awareness and compassion, and free yourself from the weight of karmic residue. Working at this center, which is the beginning of the Stellar Gateway and “houses” the higher chakras, will allow you to connect more deeply with your Higher Self so that more information can be revealed to you about your soul’s purpose and contract. Opening to the wisdom of this energy portal can help reveal what must shift in your life to be in more alignment with your purpose. You will also experience greater levels of Divine Love, activate a profound sense of unity and compassion as you release the illusion of separation, and increase your energetic vibration so that you act from a place of spiritual truth, in alignment with your soul.

✨The first in the Masterclass series, The Soul Star Chakra, begins on Monday 1/8/18 at 1:30 pm PT on Zoom. The Causal, Galactic, and Universal Chakras will follow each Monday thereafter. Every masterclass will consist of instruction on each of the higher chakras followed by a guided meditation and attunement. All calls will be recorded. Since this attunement will be divinely transmitted, we will most likely be bringing in additional light codes to enhance your connection with Source and the Higher Self through these portals- putting new energetic structures in place so you may easily expand into your heightened spiritual gifts.

You can purchase each class individually for $66, or bundle the whole series for $222.
Come and play!

Pay here for one class at $66
Pay here for the bundled price of $222






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