2018 Energy Reading

January 1, 2018


Happy 2018 Dear Friends!


I'm sharing the live talk I did in my Facebook group, Ascending Earth Creatrix, last night.


This is going to be more like an energy forecast for 2018.


Learn what to expect, what to prepare for and what it's time for you to expand into. I'll also perform a Grounding Guided Meditation to help you make your goals and dreams a reality in 2018.


I'm sharing channeled/downloaded messages from the Super-Conscious Collective about this year's energies and what you can expect in the months to come.


Here are some of the topics covered:


~ words of expansion and magic in 2018


~ messages about the resurgence of the Sacred Feminine


~ secrets of staying in the vibration for accelerated manifesting


~your energetic structures are in place! It's time to start building concrete foundations to awaken from the 3D dream of illusion


~ many timelines aligned with lack, loss, grief and fear are collapsing. Learn how to not get swept up in the drama and lean into the essence of what you wish to manifest


~ why the word "goal" is aligned with a completely mental construct that anchors your energy in 3D reality. Swap this word out of your vocabulary and use a much more expansive and inclusive one that aligns you with the essence of creating your reality in 5D.


~And more!!


Blessings to you all in 2018!


2018 Energy Reading


So what's happening in 2018?


💫Expect many surges of energy that will continue to redefine the essence of the Divine Feminine and the energy of inclusion, receptivity, allowing and accelerated manifestation.
✨Expect an increase of psychic awareness, a recalibration of your intuitive gifts that are being upgraded to match the amplified energy of the New Earth.
💫A remembrance of your Divinity- your true Cosmic Essence which stores all of the information about who you are as an infinite being and what you came here to do.

These are exciting times, but they are not without their challenges as we attune to heightened energies and cast off the sheaths of the small or false self.


As a New Years gift to you, I am sharing a special price on my signature 6 week self-study course, Sacred Feminine Manifestation Alignment. Until tonight only, I am offering this course to you for $159. That's $100 off the regular price. Read the full details about the course here: Sacred Feminine Manifestation Alignment
Take advantage of this special offer now and get started with Week 1 right away.

Pay $159 with PayPal now.


I'm also offering special pricing (until tonight only) on the bundled price of my Awakening Journey through the Higher Chakras live masterclass series. Purchase all 4 weeks of the masterclasses- The Soul Star, Causal, Galactic and Universal Chakras here for $169. That's $53 off the regular price of $222.

We begin the live class on Zoom on Monday, January 8 at 1 pm PT with the Soul Star Chakra.
💥As we open up to exploring in the Higher Chakras, we find a few things:
~ awareness of 6th 7th and 8th dimension energies and beyond
~ increased connection with cosmic super-consciousness and ascended beings of light
~ awakening of your soul’s memory and where it has existed in other dimensions and timelines, allowing you to remember why you chose to come here and what you came to do to assist in the Grand Experiment of the Ascension process
Awakening and working with the energy center of your Soul Star Chakra allows you to enhance your connection with the expanded universe, increase your spiritual awareness and compassion, and free yourself from the weight of karmic residue. Working at this center, which is the beginning of the Stellar Gateway and “houses” the higher chakras, will allow you to connect more deeply with your Higher Self so that more information can be revealed to you about your soul’s purpose and contract. Opening to the wisdom of this energy portal can help reveal what must shift in your life to be in more alignment with your purpose. You will also experience greater levels of Divine Love, activate a profound sense of unity and compassion as you release the illusion of separation, and increase your energetic vibration so that you act from a place of spiritual truth, in alignment with your soul.

Pay $169 with PayPal now.


Wishing you infinite blessings in the New Year!

~ Kathryn

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