Grieving for Lost Parts of Self

January 7, 2018

Grieving for Lost Parts of Self


You may be feeling depressed, lost, confused, overwhelmed, or like you are coming apart.

You are dissolving layers of Self.


this feeling of loss is aligned with a collapsing timeline and with a vibration that you're no longer occupying. As you gain traction on the path of Planetary Ascension, your vibration is increasing, your harmonic and resonance is becoming more pure and refined.


The ego identity is falling away and dissolving. If we lean into the fear, loss, loneliness, grief and sorrow that can come from this disconnection from the small or false self, we run the risk of keeping a collapsing timeline alive by aligning with the essence of the old vibration rooted in the confines of 3D awareness.


This reality is no longer sufficient for you. In a way, there's no going back. So this can make you feel even more confused, upset, fragmented, or uprooted.
This process is one of expansion into more of who we TRULY are and is not to be feared, but embraced.

Allow and include ALL experiences and lessons at this time. You are guided and you are loved. You are being shown what needs to be released to energetically prime you for the new.

Be brave.
Have courage at this time and emerge from this transition renewed, full of energy, inspiration and fully aligned with that which you are meant to bring forth into the world with your full attention and focus.


In my podcast, I'm shedding some light on what's happening for all of us on the Path and what you can do to step into more of your power during this transition.


Click here to listen: Grieving for Lost Parts of Self


Blessings, love and light!

~ Kathryn

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