7 Passageways to Peace

January 14, 2018

Peace, balance, harmony.


Sometimes we think in order to obtain more of these qualities in our lives, we have to exclude certain things. This is true to a certain degree. But, really it’s more about what we INCLUDE.


When we include many aspects of who we are to inform us about what is not in balance or creating harmony in our lives, an overall sense of calm, serenity, ease and peace naturally follows.


By doing this “systems check” we create a balance of energy and a symmetry in our personal frequency throughout body, mind and spirit. We ensure that not only peace and balance prevail within and without, but we naturally become magnetic attractors for more of the abundance that we desire.


Over the last 16 years, I’ve refined 7 inroads to reaching the True/Divine Self and passageways to creating inner peace and balance that have helped me shift out of lack, anchor into self-love and increase my overall vibration so that I can be, do and have the life I desire. These were hard-won lessons for me. However, these 7 Passageways to Peace helped me to realize that on the path of acquiring more abundance and prosperity, very specific aspects of my life needed to not only be in check, but to all be working together to create an even resonance- a harmonic- so that I could first shift into the vibration of abundance in order to allow & receive it.


Starting February 1st, we will begin a 7 week journey with 7 Passageways to Peace- a live workshop to help you create (and claim) more balance and peace in your life through the energy of inclusion and appreciation.


I’ll be sharing insight, personal knowledge and divinely downloaded information on how to bring 7 core aspects (inroads to the True Self) of our human experience into balance and why this is so important at this time to help us accelerate our individual and collective ascension process. When you attend to these aspects and balance them to create a higher harmonic and vibration, you dispel the illusion of who you THINK you are. You create an anchor point from which the totality of your experience here at this time expands and unfolds like a many-petalled lotus, free from the chaos and drama of disillusionment and confusion about who you TRULY are. This helps you to have more courage, creativity, inspiration, clarity, discernment and joy in your everyday life.


In 7 weeks, we will journey together on these 7 inroads to your True Self to create more peace, balance and fulfillment:
Body Image
~ Loving your divine vessel in this lifetime.
Collapsing Timelines
~ Severing relationships, attachments and dissolving energies that no longer match your vibration.
Lack Mentality
~ Thought patterns and behaviors of self-sabotage and self-doubt.
Healthy Boundaries
~ Protecting yourself by respecting yourself.
Money Flow
~ You attract everything in the matrix of your frequency.
Sitting Vigil with Shadow
~ Your pain is a part of you. Denying pain is denying yourself.
Access your Inner Warrior
~ CLAIM peace & balance and sovereign power when you activate your Inner Warrior.


This is my most personal program yet.

There is so much of me, my personal experience and Divine Love & Guidance that I’ll be sharing so YOU don’t have to take 16 years to figure out all the pieces of this puzzle!


I’m not only sharing insight but also action steps on how to balance the harmonic of all of these aspects in your own life and we’ll be ending each class with an energy healing or activation to help integrate ALL parts of you back to wholeness. You will restore a sense of inner peace, balance and overall rejuvenation that will replenish your Spirit and awaken your inner Fire so you feel ready to share more of your beauty and light with the world and magnetize more abundance to you.


The Early Bird Investment is $159 for the 7 Passageways to Peace course until 1/19/18. Price will be $199 after that. We’ll be live on Zoom every Thursday at 1:30 pm PT starting 2/1/18. All calls will be recorded. I hope you’ll join us!


Grab your Early Bird price of $159 now.


Many blessings!

~ Kathryn



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