Protecting your Energy with Healthy Boundaries

January 21, 2018

It's so important to maintain clear, strong, and healthy boundaries with others.


It helps you to assert your personal power and protect your energy. It's possible to be very clear on your boundaries with others and to still maintain a high level of love and support.


What does having healthy boundaries with others really mean for you?


It means you're protecting yourself by respecting yourself. You do yourself and others close to you a disservice when you don’t set and maintain clear, healthy boundaries. Adopting this practice can cut down the drama in your life by half!

But it also helps you to create more peace and balance in your life. It is an act of supreme self love.


Today, I'm sharing an exercise from my podcast, The Abundant Intuitive, that will help you set and maintain healthy boundaries.



How to Create Strong Healthy Boundaries


If you are interested in knowing more about creating healthy boundaries and why it is so important, I'm offering a 7 week workshop, 7 Passageways to Peace, beginning February 1, 2018, where we'll be covering this topic in more detail.



Here's the full scoop:





In creating more balance and attracting more abundance in my life, I’ve refined 7 passageways to inner (and outer) peace through a process of integrating my own shadow work with divinely transmitted information from Source. Through self-exploration and years of client work, I’ve learned to bring about the essence of these core aspects to create a greater sense of peace and harmony and to raise my overall vibration so that I naturally manifest more of the abundance I desire.


I feel more at peace with myself and others. Including and appreciating the varied life lessons along my healing path over the last 16 years has allowed me to grow and expand in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I know more about my purpose and I am confident in my abilities to become more of a Master Builder of my experience, where resistance is non-existent.


Starting February 1st, I’m beginning a 7 week journey through the 7 Passageways to Peace. I’m sharing intuitive insight, personal and client-work experience, and divinely transmitted messages to guide you towards action steps that you can take on these key inroads to creating more peace, harmony, and abundance in your life.


✨ Body Image ~ We receive the manifestations of our desires with the body. How you feel about your body sets your energetic frequency. Does it match the vibration of what you wish to manifest? Learn how to energetically align the body so you can call forth more of what you desire.


✨ Collapsing Timelines ~ The Planetary Ascension process is accelerating. Many timelines that hold pain, grief, sorrow, anxiety, loss and the echoes of the “old self” are collapsing en masse. We are severing old relationships and saying goodbye to old behaviors and patterns of thinking aligned with these lower frequencies at a very rapid rate. It’s easy to get swept up in this drama if you don’t know how to make peace with this process.


✨ Lack Mentality ~ Self-doubt never goes away. Having trust and faith that everything in your life is moving along perfectly in alignment with a Divine Plan isn’t always easy. Learn how to course correct when your courage and faith in the process of your soul’s evolution wavers.


✨ Healthy Boundaries ~ Protecting yourself by respecting yourself. You do yourself and others close to you a disservice when you don’t set and maintain clear, healthy boundaries. This alone can cut down the drama in your life by half!


✨ Money/Abundance Flow ~ Vibration & Alignment. Your overall vibration creates a matrix of frequency. You attract everything into the matrix that matches it. This is an energy frequency that is set by you and only you. It’s time to raise the frequency to allow a greater flow of abundance.


✨ Sitting Vigil with Shadow ~ Denying your pain is denying yourself. Your shadow aspect of self is not an opposing force. It is simply another aspect of you. It is not there to thwart your efforts at creating more peace and abundance. It is the most valuable teacher you’ll ever have and it is there to teach you how to release what is ready to go in order to integrate more of your soul’s essence back into wholeness. Learn how to include shadow in your life and appreciate it as a trusted friend and guide.


✨ Access your Inner Warrior ~  CLAIM peace, balance and sovereign power when you activate your Inner Warrior. Many people find it too difficult to express themselves openly and without guilt in order to express an opinion. You may fear being heard or seen. Your Inner Warrior not only stands for assertiveness and self-confidence, she also strengthens the determination, the dedication, enthusiasm,  the courage and strength to stand up for her convictions and to effect change.


This is my most personal program yet.

There is so much of me, my personal experience and Divine Love & Guidance that I’ll be sharing in this workshop so YOU don’t have to take 16 years to figure out all the pieces of this puzzle!

I’m not only sharing insight but also action steps on how to balance the harmonic of all of these aspects in your own life.


We’ll be ending each class with an energy healing and activation to help integrate ALL parts of you back to wholeness. You will restore a sense of inner peace, balance and overall rejuvenation that will replenish your Spirit and awaken your inner Fire so you feel ready to share more of your beauty and light with the world and magnetize more abundance to you.


Investment is $199 for the 7 Passageways to Peace.

There will also be a Facebook group for extra support and bonuses. We’ll be live on Zoom every Thursday at 1:30 pm PT starting 2/1/18. All calls will be recorded.

I hope you’ll join us!


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~ Kathryn




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