Karma - You Can't Take It with You

January 28, 2018

Karma and the New Earth


~ You can’t take it with you


When I ask to receive more clarity from my guides and the Super-Conscious Collective about what is so different about the New Earth, I get a variety of answers.


Yet, there is a common theme.


It will feel much lighter- less dense.


It supports very high frequency energies of unconditional love, kindness and compassion. The emotional baggage we carry here in 3D consciousness that is heavily influenced by pain, grief, sorrow, fear, loss, hatred, or anger carries an energetic vibration that is not supported in the 5D timeline of planetary ascension. In other words, you can’t take it with you.


In today's podcast, I'm sharing some insight and divinely transmitted information on karma and how this is affecting your ascension process.


There is a natural by-product of Planetary Ascension right now that is accelerating. The process of collapsing timelines and dissolving energies. The 5D Earth supports only the highest frequency energies. If we are to shift, or make the jump into the 5D timeline successfully, we must embrace this process of dismantling or deconstructing of old paradigms and structures that hold heavy, dense energy. That includes the karma we carry, sometimes through many lifetimes, that anchors our soul being to this 3D plane.


Whatever heartache, trauma, shock, grief, pain or loss we may have experienced is part of being in the density of this plane. What’s more, some of us, specifically chose those experiences because we wanted to know what it would feel like.


I'll explain in more detail, and, if you're ready to clear your karmic contracts, I’d like to share a very simple exercise today to help you do that.


Karma- You can't take it with you



~ Kathryn


Would you like to heal your karma for yourself, for the collective of humanity and for Earth?


Ascending Earth Reiki is a new healing modality created through me, overseen and divinely guided by the Super-Conscious Collective/Source/Divine Creative Matrix  and integrates the supremely compassionate  and loving energy of Reiki.

Ascending Earth Reiki offers passageways, right now, to energetically align with the 5th Dimension  New Earth that is already being created. The more we energetically lean into the high vibration frequency of 5th dimension consciousness, the more we create the reality of the 5D timeline and bring essence  into form on that plane.


Read more about my new healing modality, Ascending Earth Reiki and get signed up for the first 5 week class coming 2/26/18 HERE



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