Accept Your Resistance and Manifest Brilliantly

February 3, 2018

Any time we call forth a new level of abundance in our lives, we also call forth all the resistance countering it. This is true every time- no exceptions. Though this may seem like a raw deal it’s actually a “gift in the garbage” as I like to call it.


It is the energy of Source, in its supportive role as co-creator of your reality, showing its unconditional love for you.


It is saying to you,

“We see what you want and how much you desire it. We see how much you will increase your vibration with this new abundance and how that desire will continue to expand more and more and increase your overall vibration on a continuum to infinity. We also see everything that is keeping you from having it. We see where you are not energetically matched to the frequency of this new manifestation and are unable to call it in. We see all of your resistance to having exactly what you want. So here it is.”


What follows is a seemingly endless series of messages, nudges, signs and symbols from Source energy about where this resistance lies until you finally get it.


Especially now, as you are moving through portals of energy that are aligned with instant manifestation, you are noticing this information coming in almost instantly.  If you’re really paying attention, the information on exactly how to shift or release this resistance is also filtering into your awareness. That is, if you’re not too busy pretending that there is no resistance to what you so intensely desire, or worse, dismissing it outright as if it doesn’t matter.


I want to share a way that will help you to re-frame your resistance so that you can understand the paradigm of Manifesting in 5D.


Manifesting is a collaborative effort.


You are collaborating with Source and the Divine Creative Matrix of energy, which includes all of your guardian angels, light beings and spirit guides and with all aspects of your being. It includes the dis-inherited parts of yourself that embody the resistance you pretend doesn’t exist.


Watch the quick video below to get the skinny on how to accept your resistance and still manifest brilliantly.


Accept Your Resistance and Manifest Brilliantly



Blessings and Happy Manifesting!

~ Kathryn


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