Self-Doubt as a Tool for Growth

February 18, 2018

Sometimes we feel so much self-doubt on our soul's path to greater levels of expansion that we feel crippled to take any further action towards our goals.


As limitless creators of our experience, this is one of the most damaging things we can do!


Watch today's Soul Session Saturday video if you want to shift your perspective on self-doubt and learn how to use it constructively as a tool for growth.

Self Doubt- The #1 Ambition Killer


Need help with peeling back the layers of self-doubt?


Check out my Soul Sessions Package


In The Soul Sessions, we work with the highest version of your Higher Self and the Super-Conscious Collective (All That Is) so that the answers you are looking for come through you. This is the most empowering way to work dynamically and directly with Spirit to accelerate your healing and expansion process. You will experience a beautiful shift out of being stuck and into flow so you can reach greater levels of personal success, spiritual connection to ALL, and re-energize your vitality and passion for living.


Working at this level with Spirit, we are able to dissolve and release ancestral karma- including your soul's assignment to hold oaths and contracts in any and all lifetimes, collapse timelines that no longer support the vibration you are holding, clear belief systems aligned with lack, loss and scarcity, heal pain in the body, and peel away layers of the false self that are not aligned with your soul's purpose and contract, allowing you to uncover the truth about your soul's path here at this time. You will leave the sessions with a feeling of expansion, an invigorated spirit, and practical action steps that will help you course-correct on your path towards completing your soul's mission.

You will also receive a series of Sacred Soul Alignments™ and attunements to help clear beliefs that are creating resistance and counter-intentions in your life, and you will align your vibration, your cells, and upgrade your DNA and your energy field to match the energetic vibration of what you desire to call forth to you.


With personalized, one on one coaching, we can examine where you feel out of sync, stuck, or blocked in your life. With my gifts as an empath and intuitive energy healer, I can offer unique insight and perspective into where you may be stuck or holding belief programs that are not in alignment with your highest and best path in this lifetime.


If you're ready to work together, click HERE



Many blessings!


~ Kathryn


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