St. Germain and the Silver Violet Flame

St. Germain is a loving and compassionate Ascended Master Teacher and is the master alchemist of the sacred fire and guardian of the 7th Ray ( Violet Ray of mercy, forgiveness and transmutation) who brings the gift of the Violet Flame of freedom for world transmutation.


Saint Germain initiates our souls in the science and ritual of transmutation through the Violet Flame- the violet ray of freedom, justice, mercy, alchemy and sacred ritual. He introduces us to a new lifewave, a new civilization being born through Planetary Ascension, and a new individual and collective energy. He is the Master of the “I AM” Presence, which is all about declaring your presence, your now, being free from limitation.


The Violet Flame is for those who hear the call of community or spiritual service to mankind. The Violet Flame is the Activity of the Sacred Fire that is the Cleansing, Harmonizing, Uplifting, and Illumining Activity--the Divine Love of the “Mighty I AM Presence.”


When the Silver Violet Flame is called into action it increases the vibratory action of the individual to a rate which transmutes discord and low frequency energy within and without the physical being.

The Silver Violet Flame is a high frequency spiritual energy, which is being reintroduced by the ascended master St. Germain. It also possesses the qualities of freedom, alchemy, justice, joy, forgiveness, and mercy.


The Silver Violet Flame permeates every cell and atom of your body, mind, and emotions, and even your subconscious memory. It actually steps up the vibrations of the electrons, so you resonate more with the pure cosmic energy that comes from our God/Goddess Presence. As a result, the Silver Violet Flame transmutes any low frequency energy that is lodged within your spiritual or physical being, including everything from self-hatred to the manifestation of physical pain and dis-ease, as well as negative energy directed at you by others.


It has a twofold Action: The more you use it, the greater the power grows in and around you; and the greater that Power grows, the more your perception of human limitation dissolves.
It uncreates and purifies, and it stokes the fire of the "I Am" Presence of pure creation and limitless potential.


It is said that through its use the Ascended Masters have dissolved all discordant creation and karma of their past lives and became the Ascended Beings they are today. Every human being is being called to do the same thing in this time of Planetary Ascension in order to be free from the karma of human creation--past and present.


St. Germain invites you to feel yourself always surrounded by a great column of Silver Violet Consuming Flame, with the Flame flowing from the feet upward through the body to the top of the head and up and out from your Crown and into your own “Mighty I AM Presence".


I hope you enjoy this guided meditation and the loving presence of St. Germain and the Silver Violet Flame.





~ Kathryn

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