The Ascended Feminine

The Ascended Feminine ~ Merging with the Multi-Faceted Goddess


Right now there is a beautiful and enlivened transformation taking hold that is resetting the foundation of the Divine Feminine. We are shifting away from framing, identifying, or encapsulating our identity in the rigid confines of 3D consciousness. We are becoming the Multi-Faceted Goddess- inhabiting countless aspects all at once.


We are protective and playful. We are supported and we are the caretaker. We are light and shadow. We are creator and destructor. We are resourceful and creative. We are the receiver and the action-taker. We are the muse and we are the inspired. We are the warrior and the nurturer. We are the seekers of solitude and we are the life of the party. We are all of it, from one end of the spectrum to the next and everywhere in between.


We are the Ascended Feminine- the Multi-Faceted Goddess in all her complex glory. I have been sitting vigil with her for weeks, cocooning this expansive, loving, nurturing and creative energy around me so that I could bring forth my next offering.


I have created 8 passageways to achieving the sacred balance of the Ascended Feminine- a Merging with the Multi-Faceted Goddess.


Beginning April 19th, we will begin exploring the facets and dimensions of female/feminine that are not sufficiently supported by the existing 3D paradigm of Feminine Identity through merging with and integrating the following Goddess energies:


Freya ~ Norse Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, wealth/abundance, divination and magic.


Badb ~ Celtic Goddess and shape-shifting aspect of Triple Goddess Morrigan. She symbolizes death, life, wisdom and inspiration.


Sekhmet ~ Egyptian Protector Goddess. The Powerful One. Enlightenment.


Brigid ~ Celtic Triple Goddess of Fire/Sun. Symbolizes healing, creativity, procreation, Goddess of Time.


Hathor ~ Egyptian Sun Protector Goddess who governs music, dancing, joy, fertility, ritual and ceremony. The “Great One of Many Names” who was important in every area of life and death in ancient Egypt.


Kali ~ Hindu Goddess of creation, liberation and destruction. Frees souls from karma and cycle of birth and death. She is compassionate and the Divine Mother Protector- symbolizing empowerment, cause of all change and manifestation.


Sophia ~ Ancient Greek Goddess of wisdom, truth and justice. The Divine Feminine aspect in all things. She is a way-shower for humanity’s awakening at the time.


Kuan Yin ~ Ancient Goddess/ Bodhissatva/ Ascended Master of Compassion, Mercy and Healing. She assists in dispelling all illusion on this plane. She assists in manifesting your heart’s true desire, offers healing to all who suffer, loves and forgives unconditionally, and brings nurturing for all through the Divine Mother aspect.


In 8 weeks of The Ascended Feminine, we will attune to the energies of the Multi-Faceted Goddesses and align with the highest attributes of their gifts. I will help you to integrate these energies in the highest and best way for you right now.


The journey of self-discovery you embark on in this intimate 8 week gathering of like-minded seekers is an unearthing of your own Ascended Feminine mystique through energetically merging with these Goddesses. It will be a unique and individual journey as you redefine, reframe, and refine the essence of Feminine as you continue to experience increasing frequencies of being that are aligned with Ascension timeline of 5th dimension reality.


This journey is not about how you will then define yourself by arriving at a destination of the Ascended Feminine, but rather how you will align all of the Multi-Faceted aspects of Goddess energy within you to keep creating new ways of being that suit your desires as they are ever-expanding and shifting. Aligning with the vibration of each Goddess will bring you peace, balance, harmony, unconditional love of self and a pure integration of wholeness through balancing the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine aspects of who you are- celebrating this union as you continue to expand into the highest expression of who you are every single day.



The Ascended Feminine is open to 8 women only. This is an intimate gathering of women who want to create community and share every part of their experience.


This is not a passive course.


This is a journey of active self-discovery that requires full participation and nothing less. I have created the intention that the perfect soul-aligned women will come together in this space- this sacred vessel that I am creating that will birth nothing less than the highest levels of transformation for us all.


Is this calling to you?


We begin on Thursday, April 19th at 1:30 pm PT on Zoom. Since your full participation and physical presence is required, you must be able to attend live.


Investment at the Early Bird rate is $888 or 2 monthly payments of $497.

**After 4/3, the price increases to $997.


Come play, share, expand and Ascend!


Secure your spot now for $888 HERE


Secure your spot with your first monthly payment of $497 HERE



Blessings and light!

 ~ Kathryn


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