Balancing Feminine & Masculine Energies

March 11, 2018

 How well do you balance masculine and feminine traits in your personality and everyday life?


Are you aware of what feminine traits are versus masculine traits?


If you are aware of this distinction, do you know how to get them in more balance?


In today's video, I'll share with you some of the major traits on both sides and how to achieve more of a balance of power to create more inner and outer harmony in your every day experience.


Bringing Balance to Masculine and Feminine Aspects of Self




Are you interested in exploring your Divine Feminine gifts from a whole new perspective and a conscious connection to all parts of Self?


 The existing 3D paradigm does not sufficiently support the expanding complexity of the Feminine Identity. Beginning April 19th, we will begin exploring the 5D refinement of female/feminine. We'll explore this through merging with and integrating the following Goddess energies:

⚱️Freya ~ Norse Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, wealth/abundance, divination and magic.

⚱️Morrigan/Badb ~ Celtic Goddess and shape-shifting aspect of Triple Goddess Morrigan. She symbolizes death, life, wisdom and inspiration.

⚱️Sekhmet ~ Egyptian Protector Goddess. The Powerful One. Enlightenment.

⚱️Brigid ~ Celtic Triple Goddess of Fire/Sun. Symbolizes healing, creativity, procreation, Goddess of Time.

⚱️Hathor ~ Egyptian Sun Protector Goddess who governs music, dancing, joy, fertility, ritual and ceremony. The “Great One of Many Names” who was important in every area of life and death in ancient Egypt.

⚱️Kali ~ Hindu Goddess of creation, liberation and destruction. Frees souls from karma and cycle of birth and death. She is compassionate and the Divine Mother Protector- symbolizing empowerment, cause of all change and manifestation.

⚱️Sophia ~ Ancient Greek Goddess of wisdom, truth and justice. The Divine Feminine aspect in all things. She is a way-shower for humanity’s awakening at the time.

⚱️Kuan Yin ~ Ancient Goddess/ Bodhissatva/ Ascended Master of Compassion, Mercy and Healing. She assists in dispelling all illusion on this plane. She assists in manifesting your heart’s true desire, offers healing to all who suffer, loves and forgives unconditionally, and brings nurturing for all through the Divine Mother aspect.

In 8 weeks of The Ascended Feminine, we will attune to the energies of the Multi-Faceted Goddesses and align with the highest attributes of their gifts. I will help you to integrate these energies in the highest and best way for you right now.


We begin on Thursday, April 19th at 1:30 pm PT on Zoom. Since your full participation and physical presence is required, you must be able to attend live.

Investment at the Early Bird rate is $888 or 2 monthly payments of $497.

After 4/3, price increases to $997.


Reply to this email to secure one of only 8 spots available for this 8 week course.



~ Kathryn









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