Renegotiating Your Earthly Contracts

March 25, 2018

The experiences we asked to have (the Earthly contracts we devised with Source) before we incarnated here were meant to bring about something very important in our lives- an overall integration of all aspects of being and a sense of wholeness brought about by completing the soul lessons that we asked for in this lifetime.

By then marking them complete, we could remove ourselves from the loop cycle of karma and the repeated behaviors and programming that support it.

This all sounds very tidy and cut and dry until we realize that once we enter the density of this 3D reality here on Earth, we forget our contracts and lose connection with what lessons or experiences we actually asked to receive.

We don't always connect the dots with what we have learned.


We're not aware that the lessons we asked for are showing up constantly, giving us the opportunity to heal the karma and move on.


We align with victim-hood, blame, resentment, fear, pain, sorrow, lack or loss and are convinced these things are random acts of cruelty delivered to us by an uncaring universe that doesn't love us and we lose hope that our lives could ever be any different.


We don't make the connection that these things are happening FOR us, that we are witnessing the contrast of experience that we knew would be part of the "emotional training ground" of Earth, and that we have, in every moment, free-will choice as empowered human beings to choose a higher quality of experience.

I'll explain more in today's video,
Renegotiating your Earthly Contracts



~ Kathryn




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