The God/Goddess Oracle Template

The ancient Goddess archetype that demands reverence and dutiful worship is no longer a sufficient way to understand Femininity.


Instead of worshipping the ancient Goddess embodiment of feminine mysteries and gifts, we find ourselves now approaching an even playing field as we progress through the Ascension process.


We are embodying more and more aspects of the Goddess/Divine Feminine/Ascended Master within us right now and we are being called to carry her highest expression forth as we continue our journey of planetary Ascension.


As the Earth and every being on it collectively ascends, we are in a birthing process of a new dimension of consciousness.


The polarity of masculine/feminine is in great need of balance. There is a reframing and redefining of this polarity and it is becoming the Ascended Feminine and Ascended Masculine respectively, although the lines between the two are rather blurry.

The reworking of these “archetypes” are not bound by the confines of the rigid duality as understood in 3D consciousness, but rather they morph into this “blissful androgyny” of overlapping attributes and traits from both male and female.


Learn more in this short video:  The God/Goddess Oracle Template Ascension Codes


This is only part of the mass awakening taking hold that is already balancing the masculine/feminine, autonomy/receptivity aspects in all of humanity so that we may experience more peace and harmony as a way of life.


Gods and Goddesses are now emerging as their Ascended Master aspects to assist humanity in this part of the Ascension process. Goddess Hathor is just one of many coming forth to help us activate the Ascension Codes of the Goddess/God Oracle Template.

Similar to a computer "motherboard", this is a new operating system of Unity Consciousness that is allowing us to balance and harmonize all aspects of self as we experience the Ascension of the Masculine and Feminine.

Hathor is making her presence known for many reasons.
I’d like to share with you one of her divine transmissions.


“I am here to remind you of the mystical and sacred marriage of the masculine and feminine. You, as part of humanity, are active in a movement of honoring the currents of your internal life force energies and how they create a dance of the Spirit.
I am here to remind you that your divine inheritance is that of you embodying self-mastery in all ways of being. You are a powerful master builder of your experience and it is time to wake up from the Dream of victimhood and disempowerment.
I am here to remind you of your multidimensional aspects of self and infinite access points of consciousness. I am helping you, along with so many other teachers at this time, to remember that you have the ability to create your “reality” on many levels of experience throughout the fabric of the quantum universe."


Right now there is a beautiful and enlivened transformation taking hold that is resetting the foundation of the Divine Feminine. We are shifting away from framing, identifying, or encapsulating our feminine identity in the rigid confines of 3D consciousness. We are becoming the Multi-Faceted Goddess- embodying countless aspects of being all at once.


In 8 weeks of The Ascended Feminine, we will attune to the energies of 8 of the Multi-Faceted Goddesses- Freya, Brigid, Hathor, Kuan Yin, Sekhmet, Morrigan, Kali and Sophia. We will align with the highest attributes of their gifts through divinely downloaded light language transmissions. I will help you to integrate these energies in the highest and best way for you right now.


The journey you embark on in this intimate 8 week gathering of like-minded seekers is an uncovering of your own Ascended Feminine, multi-faceted emanation through energetically merging with these Goddesses. This will be a unique and individual journey as you redefine, reframe, and refine the creative force of your inner Feminine that is growing and desiring a bolder expression of pure Essence into Form in the physical world.


This journey is not about how you will then define yourself by arriving at a destination of the Ascended Feminine, but rather how you will align all of the Multi-Faceted aspects of Goddess energy within you to keep creating new ways of being that suit your desires as they are ever-expanding and shifting.


Aligning with the vibration of each Goddess while balancing her gifts with your inner Masculine will bring you peace, harmony, increased sense of self-belief, self-worth and self-confidence, the ability to know when to take inspired action or when to surrender. You will remember your divine inheritance of an unconditional love of self and limitless potential for creation. You will experience a pure integration of wholeness of the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine aspects of who you are- celebrating this union as you continue to expand into the highest expression of who you are every single day.


Is this calling to you?


We begin on Thursday, April 19th at 1:30 pm PT on Zoom.


The Early Bird Price of $888 expires 4/14.


You can also do 2 monthly payments of $479
or 3 monthly payments of $333


Come play, share, expand and Ascend!


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