Not All Change is Transformation

April 22, 2018

Change is not always transformation.

It doesn't matter what it is that you wish to manifest.
However, it is crucial that you understand some of the common denominators of manifesting and have a full understanding of what it means to create TRUE AND LASTING TRANSFORMATION.

Click HERE to watch the video where I discuss the difference between change and transformation.

​~ Do you believe true and lasting transformation is possible, and do you believe it is possible FOR YOU?
~ If so, what does true and lasting transformation look and FEEL like FOR YOU?
Are you clear on what you want and WHY you want it?

​~ Do you understand that TRUE AND LASTING TRANSFORMATION means you must...
1) clear limiting and outdated beliefs and the associated self-defeating emotions aligned with them?

2) replace those beliefs with an empowered and emboldened set of beliefs that are aligned with what you want to create? (This is beyond just reciting affirmations!)

3) embody these beliefs by taking inspired action on them EVERY SINGLE DAY until your new way of being IS your new normal?

~ Do you understand the full scope of true and lasting transformation? Can you grasp the idea that ALL areas of your life will change- love, finances, personal and inter-personal relationships, personal responsibility, family dynamics, career, health, worldview, energy patterns, etc.? Given that you do understand this and are not deceiving yourself about how life transformation will affect you, do you still want it? BE HONEST HERE....

​~ Do you understand that whenever you ask for a new level of prosperity or abundance in your life, you also call forth ALL THE RESISTANCE to it? This is how the universe shows up as your co-creator! It lovingly shows you ALL the resistance you're holding that is keeping you out of alignment with your desires so that you may clear it and fully align with the energy of that which you are manifesting.


Heal, Awaken, Align is a 6 week live workshop integrating intuitive energy healing and life-changing mindset shifts for the female Spirit Warrior who is craving peace, unconditional self-love, self-belief, balance, strength, prosperity and TRUE AND LASTING TRANSFORMATION.

Want to know what TRUE AND LASTING TRANSFORMATION is and what it looks like for you?

We are all on the path to Planetary Ascension into 5th Dimension consciousness where we are learning to create new ways of being through balancing the energy of the Higher Mind with the Higher Heart.
When we are releasing old, outdated belief systems, ancestral karma, limiting soul contracts and the associated low vibration emotional blocks of fear, unworthiness, blame, resentment, victim-hood, shame, loss or grief, we can step fully into our power to be, do, and have whatever we want.


We often forget to integrate the mental energy healing of mindset work after releasing resistance. We cannot rely on Spiritual energy healing alone! It is imperative that we mentally follow-up with creating new belief systems to fully support the shift we wish to experience.
To embody TRUE AND LASTING TRANSFORMATION, we must then take outward ACTION every single day in our lives that supports the spiritual, emotional and mental shifts we are making in order to create our new normal of prosperity. Only then are we the Master Builders of our reality- with the power of Pure Creation at our fingertips.

Who is this Bootcamp for?

~ If you have been struggling to create true transformation using just energy healing, then Heal, Awaken, Align is for you.
~ If you have been relying on mindset work alone to create real shifts in your life, then Heal, Awaken, Align is for you.
~ If you have been consistently relying on freebies and opt-ins that don't address your individual challenges and don't get to the key limiting beliefs you are holding, then Heal, Awaken, Align is for you.
~ If you have no idea what your key limiting beliefs are and have no idea where to start with clearing the resistance to what you want to manifest, then Heal, Awaken, Align is for you
~ If you have experienced positive shifts in the past but they DID NOT LAST- and you don't understand how to sustain the energy of this level of transformation then Heal, Awaken, Align is for you.
~ If you struggle with what action steps you need to take on a daily basis to support a new, empowered belief system so that you can achieve TRUE AND LASTING TRANSFORMATION in your life right now, then Heal, Awaken, Align is for you.
~ If you wish to attract more self-love, financial abundance, a supportive and loving relationship, increased sense of self-worth, greater sense of self-belief, or if you wish release the energy of self-denial, self-doubt, self-punishment, scarcity, lack, sorrow or want, then Heal, Awaken, Align is for you.

We start June 4, 2018. All calls will be recorded.

Read the full description and get signed up with Early Bird bonuses here:

Heal, Awaken, Align Bootcamp


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