You Are Not Who You Used to Be

April 29, 2019

Isn't it annoying when you KNOW you're the creator of your reality and still nothing's going right?


When you are trying everything to get out of feeling stuck and you just end up feeling confused, overwhelmed and defeated?


So you're trying everything that catches your eye to "fix" what's wrong.


You dig into that old manifesting course.



What the hell is that password again?


You seriously consider signing up for that famous coaching guru.


You opt-in for every freebie that seems even remotely promising because, well, it's working for other people right?


Meanwhile, underneath all the fear, the anxiety, denial, overwhelm, frustration, lack, confusion and all the constant PUSHING to make a breakthrough, there YOU are.


The infinite, quantum YOU that has infinite potential, waiting to explode onto the stage of your life with a whole new script.


The truth is, you're expanding so fast as the infinite, quantum, spiritual, BIG you, that the human you is trying to play catch-up.


And the SMALL you, the ego you is saying Oh, Hell NO! I'm in charge, remember? NOTHING happens without my say-so!!


And everything's a giant cluster-fuck because, quite frankly, the ego is completely out of it's league.


The ego self is only equipped to deal with what is KNOWN. And you, my love, are deep into uncharted, unknown territory as you are just beginning to realize your limitlessness and ways of being that have not materialized before.


You are AWAKE.

Now you need to apply the knowledge of your bad-ass woke self to your every day life.


You're looking to the small (ego) you to put these pieces together in your life and it JUST ISN'T HAPPENING.



Because you're trying to put the pieces of your life together with the same energy that created the need for everything to blow up or dismantle in the first place.


The Universe (and me) are trying to tell you something.


YOU ARE NOT who you used to be.


That mold cracked open a while ago and you're still acting like the same old person you've always been, denying your divinity, your creativity and your infinite pure potential to catapult your life into the stratosphere of new levels of joy, prosperity, self-awareness, self-belief and self-actualization.


This is not time to negotiate with the ego to see if this NEW YOU is OK.


The inner critic/ego voice has no perception or basis for understanding anything outside of what is KNOWN.

If you are creating a new way of being that hasn't been done by you, or anybody else, you have no business listening to it.


This is no time to dilute your pure essence as an awakened being.


You are being called to embody the full divine expression of you and marry this with your every day human existence so you can live a life that easily evolves and expands to more fully realize your quantum potential for BE-ing.


This is no time to downplay your desires and barter with the Universe for what you think you are allowed to receive.

That game of self-deception is OVER.


This is no time for FEAR.

How long will you feed that monster-- the biggest boogey-man there is?


A quick check-in with the deepest and highest expression of you-- the higher field of intelligence that is a thriving current of expanded consciousness within will tell you this.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by learning how to live in connection with and be guided by this infinite part of you.


You've learned how to DO life at the level of ego, where you exist at the mercy of your body, your environment and time.

Now it's time to LIVE life beyond those confines.


This can only happen when you move beyond the ego and live in constant communication with the highest part of your awareness- your inner Creator/ Creatrix.



Here's what happens when you experience your every day life from this high-tuned, omnipresent lens of perception....


You access the passageway to self-mastery, self-love and completely genuine self-expression without any ego filter of self-doubt.

You learn to create whatever you want, whenever you want, so you can live as the highest ideal of yourself now and for years to come.

You learn how to fully integrate the tools gifted to you through your spiritual awakening process to evolve and expand your human awakening process.


You live a life without limits.



Kathryn Mussell is an Elevated Consciousness Coach and Conscious Creatrix.

She uses her natural abilities as an Alchemist and Passage Creator to help you create a seamless connection with the highest and best version of you so you can start living your ideal life now.

She helps self-motivated and self-aware women to activate the full potential of their

gifts and strengths NOW.

She teaches women how to unlock their Quantum Potential so they can access the highest intelligence and divinity within and step into their next level possibilities with confidence, joy and deep soul connection.


Learn more about her powerful program for personal transformation, Become the Creatrix HERE.





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You Are Not Who You Used to Be

April 29, 2019

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