The 3D Time/Space is a Reality Bubble

This matrix acts like a frequency container on the Earth's grid.

This matrix or vortex is particularly powerful because it has given us the foundation for creating the meaning and value that we crave as part of our human tendency towards stabilization.

However, this stabilization causes ideas, opinions, beliefs, attitudes, and even our imagination to become cemented into this frequency container of 3D Time and we ultimately stagnate.

The end result being fragmentation of self inside this holographic vortex that keeps reflecting a limited spectrum or bandwidth of frequency back to us on a closed loop, made up of collective human consciousness ideas and belief systems as well as our own.

This is detrimental to our human evolution and spiritual growth process going forward, as it dominates our behavior and keeps us from assimilating new ideas, new attitudes, new information and new possibilities.

So many are asking to break through to the other side of their consciousness, to crack the egg of their perception wide open and to liberate themselves from what has been and what continues to be.

As you progress through this timeline of spiritual evolution, it is now very important to grasp the concept that time is an illusion.

Many of you are having a difficult time getting that you are a multidimensional being, able to align yourself with an endless string of Now moments that allow you to have several different perspectives on many different timelines at once.

This is difficult for our 3D ego mind to accept because the concept of non-linear time seems too nebulous.

You are never really on a singular timeline.

You are on Now moments.

There are infinite Now moments occurring simultaneously but you are choosing each successive Now moment that is of a similar frequency to the last.

This is how you maintain the illusion of linear time in 3D reality and stay in the “game” of time.

Not to confound and confuse you even further, but you agreed before you came into this reality to play this game because you thought it would be yet another fun thing to experience in this “Grand Experiment” of being on Earth at this time.

To jump to a different reality, timeline or dimension would be drastically different then what you have been individually and collectively experiencing and would pull you out of the game of time, which would be no fun!

Many of you are growing tired of the game and want very much to re-familiarize yourselves with your multidimensional aspect of self.

The only thing keeping you from having this experience is holding onto the illusion that the ego is in charge of your destiny and that it is in the driver’s seat.

The ego is simply programming that is superimposed over the God Self.

The God Self is fully aware of this game that you have agreed to participate in.

It is in full command of the ability to connect to infinite timelines and possibilities.

Because you have agreed to come here to play this ”game” of vibrational exploration, you are, in a sense, hiding the truth of your multidimensional nature from yourself, perpetually creating new experiences that continue to affect your perception and restricting your ability to see all outcomes of all situations at any given point in time.

One part of this “truth” about how we perpetuate this illusion of linear time is that humans create time in 3D reality through emotional and thought fields.

Linear time is actually a closed loop, not a continuous line.

In 3D consciousness we "trap" time through our emotional experiences and thus mark it as past, present and future.

Time in 3D reality is merely the conveyance of our emotional identity being validated for us over and over again.

When you pierce the illusion of time, you shatter the illusion of Self.

This is painful.

That’s why we resist dismantling this illusion.

You can experience infinite Now moments that you string together to get infinite timelines.

Think of it this way- every decision you make can create another timeline.

The one most important to focus on is THIS Now moment.

ALL WORK is done in the Now moment.

By being present and in the NOW, you are required to be more heart-centered.

This way, you have the ability to be fully in your power and you will elevate your energy level.

As you become closer to reaching a 5D level of awareness, you are able to split your focus into multiple Now moments.


Right now, much of your energy is still clinging to the illusion of

linear time.

You are being invited to play more with multi-focused reality, which is the nature of dimensions that vibrate at 5D and beyond.

You cannot access and maintain an energetic match with these realms and continue to operate with a purely linear mindset.

It seems counter-intuitive but the more you imagine the infinite possibilities that can exist coming from each Now moment decision you make in 3D, the more you open yourself up to 5D level and multidimensional awareness.


This is Timeline Healing and Time Bending.

You have never taken a class like this, because NO ONE is teaching about time in such a way where there is discussion, deep support and hands-on practice with collapsing, merging, quantum jumping and opting out of artificial time.


Timeline Healing and Time Bending is not just another program or

course on healing.

It's straight-up alchemy.

I can honestly say that there is no other course, class or program out there that is its equal.

There is no other program out there that helps you understand the 3D Time Matrix and Timelines and how it creates the consequences of your life AND offers practical application, guidance and support with bending, streaming, merging, collapsing, quantum jumping and opting out of false time.

You learn to play with reality beyond the extremely limited scope of your awareness that is hooked into 3D Time and to stretch your consciousness to play in the universal field of Galactic Time.

The benefits of bringing this work of Timeline Healing into your reality now will have a profoundly positive ripple effect throughout your life and in the collective timeline of humanity.
This course will completely and forever alter your relationship with and understanding of Time.

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"...I’m overjoyed and spinning in my vortex with feelings of deep gratitude and appreciation, so much resonates....your words that have voiced so well what I’ve been feeling, knowing and trusting as I allow my unfolding to my next steps in releasing all that does not serve me! I’m excited to be here, for what’s coming and to receive the keys to unlock the past and live my purpose. Thank you Kathryn....I’m so blessed to have met you at this portal of my life!"

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"I did the Timeline Jump audio today. It was about my 5th time. A lot more of what I was listening to clicked. My whole body was buzzing and vibrating and when I merged with my future self, I felt the shift. And my heart burst open."

"Yesterday I had an idea pop into my head about my workplace. So for once instead of blowing it off I ask what do I do. I heard in my mind jump to future timeline where the you who has done this is and talk to her! I did just that she gave me an outpouring of ideas and what to do. It was great!"

"Just need to share how much I am already loving this course! After simply listening to class 1 last night I woke up with a stuffy head and streamed into my last timeline where my head was clear. Not 10 minutes later my head was clear...I'm like WTF!!"

 Timelines Expanded Masterclass Modules

  Module 1: Intro Class ~ How Timelines Work, How Humans Create the 3D Time Matrix, Opting Out of 3D Time

  Module 2: Collapsing Timelines

  Module 3: Bending Timelines

  Module 4: False Timelines

 Module 5: Merging and Streaming Timelines

 Module 6: Ancestral Timeline Healing and the DNA

  Module 7: Culminating Timelines ~ Wrapping Up Your 3D History

  Module 8: Quantum Jumping Time

  Module 9: Transitioning into Timelessness ~ Awakening Consciousness Fluidity in the Eternal Now


Bonus Modules for this program!

  Module 10: Integrating Timeline Healing into your Client Work

  Module 11: Ancestral Timeline Healing ~ Healing your Inherited

Money Story

  Module 12: Transdimensional Time Drifting ~

Remote viewing a timeline that you embody in another dimension for the express purpose of remembering your power as a healer.

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