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Bridge into the Woods


I'm an Elevated Consciousness Coach, New Earth Visionary, Sacred DNA Activation

& Restructure Method® Practitioner, author of three books, speaker, creator of several group coaching programs that empower women to live in their highest and fullest

expression and potential.

I'm a mentor for those who are here to step into a higher level of divine service

to themselves first, to others and to the planet.

Are we an ideal fit to work together?

Vision without actualization is just scenery.

Visionary energy is something you hold and cultivate in order to build an alternate reality.

Because the alternate reality you are building is really just scaffolding at this point.

The rough edges haven't been polished smooth and the layers aren't yet filled in to make it whole.

You already feel like you're living in an alternate reality, however.

Your energy is invested elsewhere.

You are IN this world, but not necessarily OF IT.


The vision you're called to hold and craft for this new reality is still murky, yet undeniable. It wakes you up at night and whispers to you in the waking dream of 3D reality.

You're here to remember the highest aspect of you and to serve THAT version of you so that you can be of the highest service to others and to the planet. 

The DEEP KNOWING you have is FUEL.

It will carry you through the dismantling of any and all layers and levels of unbecoming who you had to be in order to just survive in the old Earth timeline.

This is 2023.

You no longer play a role, wear a disguise as a confused and disempowered human, or fall in line behind a pre-established ordering of reality.

There are new rules of engagement-- the ones YOU CREATE and refine through the inspiration of your soul-led self.

You are here to help raise the consciousness of those who also resonate with this message and who also have an ardent desire to create a new reality that benefits the many instead of the few.

Those people will crave your leadership, your courage, and your willingness to lead by example. You are here to inspire others who also hold a unique and individuated vision of their own that MUST find expression in the New Earth.

The next step is here if you'll take it.

Who you are meant to be in your true essence has always been there, and she is ready to evolve beyond just reaching goals and fulfilling intentions, but rather to fully BE in her wholeness of Core Truth.


Your human, your soul and all available and open timelines are evolving and

ascending together.

If you are looking for multidimensional energetic transformation from a Master Intuitive Energy Healer, let's work together.



So let me ask you....

Are you ready, committed and do you have the courage to look at your life and work through a high-powered lens so you can see where you are holding yourself back from what you truly desire?

Are you ready to learn and implement more spiritually advanced principles and practices and life-altering mindset shifts into your life and work?



Coaching sessions are offered via Zoom.

All prices are in USD.

Sacred DNA Activation

~ Sacred DNA Activation and Restructure Method® ~

24 and 48 Strand DNA Activation

The DNA Activation and Restructure Method®

is a re-calibration of energy that triggers transformation of the organic human-suit we inhabit on planet earth.


This DNA upgrade is for those who are ready to step up and step out, for those who know they are meant for things far beyond their comprehension, for those who are ready to really help people and make a difference in circles far and wide.

Unlocking and grounding your ethereal DNA into the physical world ignites your psychic abilities and propels your manifesting abilities forward with momentum that will leave you in awe.

Learn more about this powerful method of transformation and book your session


Signature Private Mentoring

The Phoenix Path Sessions

8 Week Intensive 1:1

Multidimensional Energetic Transformation.

Rapid and Intense personal transformation. 
Phoenix Path Sessions are for you if you want to be the living embodiment of Less is More.

* Less confusion about who you are as a divine human, and less of the limiting beliefs that keep you living at odds with that purity of being.

* Less of feeling at war with yourself, where your thoughts about yourself are at cross-purposes with the life you want to live and what you think is possible.

* Less investing of your energy towards people, situations and events that drain you of your light and your creativity.

* Less fucks about things outside of you that you cannot change or control.

All this creates space within you and calibrates you to a higher and higher capacity to receive all the abundance that is already here for the taking.

Over 9 weeks of deep self-discovery and multidimensional soul integration, you get to:

* Know yourself better and love yourself more. With every layer of false self that you peel away, you get to see the Core Truth of who you are and why you're really here on earth at this most auspicious and magical time, serving a higher purpose that you may not have realized before.

* Develop greater discernment about where you are making daily micro-decisions that are either taking you closer to the life you want or driving you further away from that.

* Live with a profound sense of equanimity, peace within and peace without, where you no longer feel at war with your inner or outer reality.

Your human, your soul and all available and open timelines are evolving and

ascending together.

If you are looking for multidimensional energetic transformation from a Master Intuitive Energy Healer,

let's work together.

Taking applications now.

Only 2 more spots available.

We begin on or around April 3, 2023.

Fill Out Client Application



"Just wanted to say that I had my session with Kathryn yesterday and it was SO incredibly powerful for me!! I am still integrating everything, but I am already feeling such AMAZING shifts happening."

~ Tami Long Schmickle


Read more testimonials on my Welcome Page!


Before booking any session with Kathryn Mussell....

Please read the following disclaimer. Booking a session with Kathryn Mussell is an agreement to the terms of this disclaimer and implies the full understanding on the part of the recipient of any energy healing or soul alignment that the healing that takes place during or after any session with Kathryn is the full responsibility of the recipient of said services, and removes Kathryn from any liability or responsibility whatsoever.


I am not a doctor, nor do I treat, diagnose or prescribe any treatments, heal, or dispense any medical advice.

Any and all healing that takes place during sessions with Kathryn Mussell is the sole responsibility of the person receiving the healing energy. Kathryn Mussell works with energy, specifically transmissions, alignments, attunements, and activations of energy in and around the energy fields of the body. These energy transmissions do no harm. It is up to the sole discretion of the individual receiving the healing to advocate for themselves if further support is needed or warranted.



To work with Kathryn, please get started by clicking below to fill out the client application.

Thank You!

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