I'm an Elevated Consciousness Coach, 5D Visionary, Sacred DNA Activation

& Restructure Method® Practitioner and creator of the signature

Timelines Expanded Masterclass Group Program.

I'm a mentor for those who are here to step into a higher level of divine service to others and the planet.

Are we an ideal fit to work together?

I work with those who identify as wayshowers, guardians of the New Earth, and visionaries who are bringing light and healing to the planet at this auspicious time of awakening of our human family.

I show you how to get free from the challenges, the thoughts, the beliefs, the emotions and the habits that keep you living in the overwhelm of the experiences happening outside of you and give you the tools to redirect your power, sovereignty and purpose back into your hands.

I help you to move past the struggle of figuring out your next steps in being of greater service using your natural abilities and talents while amplifying your potential for prosperity right alongside that.

I help you connect to the truth that you are here to shift into the next level of sharing your innate gifts with joy instead of feeling you're somehow being held back from your highest outcome, that you're somehow stuck in a grind and not fully engaged with your important work of healing others and the planet.

We go deep into the energetics of what is needed to help you breakthrough and shift into flow with your life and healing work.

We're a great fit to work together if you are excited and highly motivated to deliver your great work at a higher level that serves Unity Consciousness and you know you are worthy of thriving in all ways in your life as you step into this next threshold.


My approach to mentoring is unique in that I integrate twenty years of experience as an intuitive energy healer with spiritual mentoring and Timeline Healing.

As an Elevated Consciousness Coach, I use my natural abilities as an Alchemist and Passage Creator to help you create a seamless connection with the highest and best version of you

so you can start living your ideal life now.

This version of you is ready to break through the layers of limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions that have kept you living at the mercy of your past and barricading your

forward movement towards realizing a bigger, bolder vision of life.



So let me ask you....

Are you ready, committed and do you have the courage to look at your life and work through a high-powered lens so you can see where you are holding yourself back from what you truly desire?

Are you ready to learn and implement more spiritually advanced principles and practices into your life and work?

If it's a clear YES, let's chat.....



Coaching sessions are offered via Zoom.

All prices are in USD.

~ Complimentary Consultation ~

(for one to one coaching inquiries only)

Are you interested in working with me privately?

Let's find out if we're a good fit to work together.

We'll discuss what coaching package is right for the challenge

you're currently facing.

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~ Sacred DNA Activation and Restructure Method® ~

24 and 48 Strand DNA Activation

The DNA Activation and Restructure Method®

is a re-calibration of energy that triggers transformation of the organic human-suit we inhabit on planet earth.


This DNA upgrade is for those who are ready to step up and step out, for those who know they are meant for things far beyond their comprehension, for those who are ready to really help people and make a difference in circles far and wide.

Unlocking and grounding your ethereal DNA into the physical world ignites your psychic abilities and propels your manifesting abilities forward with momentum that will leave you in awe.

Learn more about this powerful method of transformation and book your session


~ The Up-Level Package ~

 $1500 ~ 3, 75-90 minute private sessions on Zoom


3, 75 minute Coaching Intensive sessions for spiritual entrepreneurs.

A deep dive into the energetics of your work as an energy healer or spiritually-based entrepreneur and evaluating where you can be using your innate gifts and talents to a greater degree and be of greater service to those who need your light and wisdom.

This is for those who are noticing that they are witnessing the birthing process of a new or upgraded blueprint for their life and work and are finding it quite challenging in a number of ways.
I help you to integrate new content and creative ideas to refine, shift and add to what you currently offer your clients. I help you find where you're playing the duality game of trying to fit into a new paradigm while still playing the part of the old you.

It's not going to work.

You're feeling the call to action to step up and out, honoring your voice and your gifts in a way that serves your clients and community in ways you haven't yet explored. If you're ready and committed, book in now for your free consultation.

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~ Private Coaching and Mentoring, Single Session ~

 $500 ~ 75-90 minute private session on Zoom

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"Just wanted to say that I had my session with Kathryn yesterday and it was SO incredibly powerful for me!! I am still integrating everything, but I am already feeling such AMAZING shifts happening."

~ Tami Long Schmickle


Read more testimonials on my Welcome Page!


Before booking any session with Kathryn Mussell....

Please read the following disclaimer. Booking a session with Kathryn Mussell is an agreement to the terms of this disclaimer and implies the full understanding on the part of the recipient of any energy healing or soul alignment that the healing that takes place during or after any session with Kathryn is the full responsibility of the recipient of said services, and removes Kathryn from any liability or responsibility whatsoever.


I am not a doctor, nor do I treat, diagnose or prescribe any treatments, heal, or dispense any medical advice.

Any and all healing that takes place during sessions with Kathryn Mussell is the sole responsibility of the person receiving the healing energy. Kathryn Mussell works with energy, specifically transmissions, alignments, attunements, and activations of energy in and around the energy fields of the body. These energy transmissions do no harm. It is up to the sole discretion of the individual receiving the healing to advocate for themselves if further support is needed or warranted.



To work with Kathryn, please get started by clicking below to fill out the client application.

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