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I'm Kathryn and I am a Spiritual Mentor and Master Energy Healer on a quest to ignite a Consciousness Revolution.

I help you see that your own consciousness is your greatest tool and resource for personal growth.

Genius Fractal

Over the course of this year, I plan on bringing a minimum of 50 more women into their Genius Frequency.

I've been 'busy' doing this over the last 3 months or so and yet it doesn't feel hurried, chaotic and it barely feels like work.

Feels natural AF.

Because I'm in my own Genius Frequency of generosity, guidance and compassionate ambassadorship as I help to usher more women into the highest and most efficient use of their power.

Coming face to face with everything that IS NOT your natural power, magnetism, dynamism and currency of genius is confronting, to say the least.

It takes some grit, courage and bold decision-making to choose to

unravel this.

And yet, even the most initially unwilling participants in this quest have become the most intrepid and dedicated explorers of what further gifts their Shadow has been hiding from them shortly after they begin this

revelatory work.

It's intoxicating, you see.
The journey of knowing the Truth of yourself.
Once you start, you don't want to stop.

Unwinding the stories and the facades you've held yourself hostage to for decades is a lesson in vulnerability-- which is actually your greatest strength when doing this work of transmuting your Shadow into a fuller version of your Gift and your Genius.

The first attempts at leaning into and showcasing these gifts are going to be wobbly, at best.
Until you find your new legs with this version of you and hit your stride.

So, you must be vigilant and protect this new integration of powerful life force energy moving through you at all costs.

The old darkness, the old story of you is sneaky and tries to lure you into sleepy ambivalence.

The shadow will try to tell you that even the smallest act of self-love doesn't matter.

You have to learn to tell that voice to F**k Off.

What is honest and truthful about you and your GENIUS is worthy of defending until the very end, if there were such a thing as the END.

All the hidden agendas of your ego, as seductively convincing as they may seem, can never keep you from the Truth that you are a fractal of the Genius of Source, the ONE Consciousness experiencing itself through the expression of YOU, right here, right now.

You might know this.
But are you BEING this?

Many of you reading this are at a natural point of transition 
and a place of pivoting.
And you KNOW it.
You've known it for a while now.

You're wondering... "How do I cut through all of the noise of this marketplace and find a pathway that suits me, a mentor or guide who suits me, and the most efficient way to unlock my innate gifts and my inherent Genius and Dynamic Nature in a short amount of time?"

That's what Genius Fractal is designed to do.

About every 6-7 weeks throughout the rest of 2024, I will be in my Genius Frequency of generosity, guidance and compassionate ambassadorship, walking with women on their own path of self-illumination in this deep and comprehensive four-week program.

It's all in you.

All the Brilliance and Dynamism you're 'waiting' to experience.
I just create the right space and no-fluff, no bullshit guidance for you to allow, accept and embrace it.

What's the most intoxicating bit about all of this?

You stop thinking that you or life is a mystery to be solved, a question to be answered.

You and LIFE are the SAME-- an expression, a meaning, a purpose that you get to define as you go and celebrate at every point along the journey, realizing a greater potency of your brilliance and genius gifts as you naturally expand and flourish into more of who you truly are.

Our next round of Genius Fractal begins 6/18.

Four-week exploration and transmutation of your Genius Gifts out of your Shadow Frequency.

Early enrollment is open through May 27, 2024.
Income-sensitive option available until 5/27 and for 3 participants only.

Click HERE to learn more and sign up for our next round.

Activated By Design Store

Apparel and Accessories activated by and programmed with Light Language and Sonic Vibration.

These designs grace your body and your home.

Everything from Yoga Pants to ceramic mugs to biodegradable smartphone cases to wall art.

Click HERE to see the collection.


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Check out all of my current free workshops and paid courses in my

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Client Comments and Praise

"Kathryn’s programs are always value packed! Her articulate teaching and deep knowledge are seriously her trade marks!
Her sincere compassion and fun nature have gently nudged many shifts in my thinking & awareness to now create from expanded possibilities! Kathryn’s support will unveil your new life!"

~ Dina Randa Wadding

“I'm the kind of person that didn't really believe in mentorship. And the kind of person who thinks she has all of the answers inside of her. BUT the reality is that even if I do know all the answers, because everybody does have them inside of them, it is WONDERFUL to have a person like Kathryn to help you:
- dig inside of you,
- ask you the right questions,
- inspire you with her captivating talks
- help you find the answers and the changes you need so that you don't just know, but act and change your life!"

~ Stephanie Bonamarte

"I would recommend anyone to work with Kathryn if you want to dig into misaligned beliefs that mess up your money space, and remember this you got to do the work!"

~ Patrice H-Jones

"This class and Kathryn’s teachings are phenomenal... I don’t recommend very many teachers or classes and I HIGHLY recommend this class!!! The value is easily 20x the investment and I’m sure it will be continuing to go up and up in price!!!"

"I believe this is the missing key that has unlocked the full power of my tools! Thankfully I am not skeptical because it aligns with my own understanding of time (my love of physics and just philosophical lens in which I think about any and all manner of things has brought me there) I am having so much fun with this and really believe I need nothing else further to accomplish what I have been trying to other than a full grasp of this material! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, Kathryn!"

~ Rachael Poxon

~ Elysia Hartzell

"We just finished our second call and I am blown away. I am so grateful I said yes! I can tell how this work is going to be a life changer!"

"Kathryn is knowledgeable and powerful. I have felt a deep shift within myself each time I've worked with her.

There is no one out there who provides as much value/$ as she does."

~ Allison Quadhamer

~ Alison Sherwood

"She knows that what she is teaching is Life changing and I am Grateful for the Journey. She doesn't tell you what to think just how to break thru the barriers built over time and circumstances and get beyond, with the tools to give you to find your True North, tools to use for the rest of your Life. Because Life happens, but its how you deal with it that matters and truly makes the difference. I haven't met anyone who is as skilled, who is willing to share their knowledge so authentically Elevated Consciousness Coach describes her Perfectly."

"Like many mentors. She shares her wins and losses, and how she was able to move through those periods in her life and transform for her highest good. That's why I continue to work with her! She's totally down to earth, and you never have to feel intimidated or judged when talking to her. I highly recommend working with Kathryn. She goes above and beyond to always help her clients and offers content that coincides with the current energy!"

~ Sarah Chapman

~ Gaylia Wilson

"Thank you Kathryn Mussell! Thank you for all that you do to create and teach and help us all to rise above the timelines that have kept us held back and down from living a life of peace, love, joy and happiness. But most of all thank you for helping us to get to a place to truly heal so that we may now redirect our own energies in helping others to heal."

"Kathryn, thank you for sharing your wisdom as well as yourself. I get so much out of listening to your insights and reading your posts. I've integrated so many of the practices you guide us through into my daily practices. You are a radiant light and I am grateful for YOU!"

~ Pamela Strum

~ Laurieann Willis

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