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I am an Elevated Consciousness Coach, New Earth Visionary,

Author and Speaker.

My mission and purpose as a compassionate thought leader has been cultivated over two decades worth of teaching, writing, and course creation designed to help people break out of the 3D Matrix limited experience of reality.

I am a multi-passionate mentor and facilitator who guides women back to the truth and authenticity of their soul-led selves.

My current group offering, beginning on March 23, 2023 is

Ascending Earth Reiki ~ A Reiki Modality for New Earth.

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The Time Jump Manifestation Method allows you to connect with the Sphere of All Possibilities, an organic

Source Grid of Creation.

This creates a connection with your Future Self and available higher frequency potentials that you are already exploring in another timeline, so you can merge these potentials into your NOW dominant timeline.

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I'm a mentor for those who are here to step into a higher level of divine service to others and the planet.

Are we an ideal fit to work together?

You are IN this world, but not necessarily OF IT.


The vision you're called to hold and craft for this new reality is still murky, yet undeniable.

It stirs you and whispers to you in the waking dream of 3D reality.

You're here to remember the highest aspect of you and to serve THAT version of you so that you can be of the highest service to others and to the planet. 

The DEEP KNOWING you have is FUEL.

It will carry you through the dismantling of any and all layers and levels of unbecoming who you had to be in order to just survive in the old Earth timeline.

This is 2023.

You no longer play a role, wear a disguise as a confused and disempowered human, or fall in line behind a pre-established ordering of reality.

There are new rules of engagement-- the ones YOU CREATE and refine through the inspiration of your soul-led self.

You are here to help raise the consciousness of those who also resonate with this message and who also have an ardent desire to create a new reality that benefits the many instead of the few.

Those people will crave your leadership, your courage, and your willingness to lead by example. You are here to inspire others who also hold a unique and individuated vision of their own that MUST find expression in the New Earth.

The next step is here if you'll take it.

Who you are meant to be in your true essence has always been there, and she is ready to evolve beyond just reaching goals and fulfilling intentions, but rather to fully BE in her

wholeness of Core Truth.


Your human, your soul and all available and open timelines are evolving and

ascending together.

If you are looking for multidimensional energetic transformation from a Master Intuitive Energy Healer, let's work together.

Check out all of my current free workshops and paid courses in my

Member Vault Academy of Programs.

Access my YouTube Channel with the link below!

Client Comments and Praise

"Kathryn’s programs are always value packed! Her articulate teaching and deep knowledge are seriously her trade marks!
Her sincere compassion and fun nature have gently nudged many shifts in my thinking & awareness to now create from expanded possibilities! Kathryn’s support will unveil your new life!"

“I'm the kind of person that didn't really believe in mentorship. And the kind of person who thinks she has all of the answers inside of her. BUT the reality is that even if I do know all the answers, because everybody does have them inside of them, it is WONDERFUL to have a person like Kathryn to help you:
- dig inside of you,
- ask you the right questions,
- inspire you with her captivating talks
- help you find the answers and the changes you need so that you don't just know, but act and change your life!"

~ Dina Randa Wadding

~ Stephanie Bonamarte

"I would recommend anyone to work with Kathryn if you want to dig into misaligned beliefs that mess up your money space, and remember this you got to do the work!"

~ Patrice H-Jones

"This class and Kathryn’s teachings are phenomenal... I don’t recommend very many teachers or classes and I HIGHLY recommend this class!!! The value is easily 20x the investment and I’m sure it will be continuing to go up and up in price!!!"

"I believe this is the missing key that has unlocked the full power of my tools! Thankfully I am not skeptical because it aligns with my own understanding of time (my love of physics and just philosophical lens in which I think about any and all manner of things has brought me there) I am having so much fun with this and really believe I need nothing else further to accomplish what I have been trying to other than a full grasp of this material! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, Kathryn!"

~ Rachael Poxon

~ Elysia Hartzell

"We just finished our second call and I am blown away. I am so grateful I said yes! I can tell how this work is going to be a life changer!"

~ Alison Sherwood

“My entire BEING is buzzing in recognition of the body of work you're sharing. Feels like home.”

~ Ayla Mellani

"Thank you Kathryn Mussell! Thank you for all that you do to create and teach and help us all to rise above the timelines that have kept us held back and down from living a life of peace, love, joy and happiness. But most of all thank you for helping us to get to a place to truly heal so that we may now redirect our own energies in helping others to heal."

~ Laurieann Willis

"Kathryn is knowledgeable and powerful. I have felt a deep shift within myself each time I've worked with her.

There is no one out there who provides as much value/$ as she does."

~ Allison Quadhamer

"When I am able to call in my highest and best frequency, and hook into my 5D timeline, ALL the rules that apply to that dimension of being come with it. My ability to love, have compassion, my vision, my connection to spirit guides and intergalactic team becomes more readily available. Abundance and relationship to finances also are able to become more malleable in the 5D timeline. This excites me so greatly! I'm gaining a greater understanding of functioning as my 5D Avatar, it's so empowering. I know these thoughts and ideas will become my reality in physicality very soon!"

~ David Mandarino

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