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Hello! I'm Kathryn and I'm a Spiritual Mentor in service of fellow Visionary Entrepreneurs and Genius Creators.

I'm a Master Energy Healer on a quest to ignite a Unity Consciousness Revolution.

Genius Fractal

If you are here as a Sacred Agitator, Visionary, New Earth Ambassador and you know your deeper WHY behind doing what you do, I know this

about you...

When the majority of people are headed in one direction, you are keenly aware that you would rather break off and head the other way, YOUR own way, even when ‘good sense’ would dictate not to.

This is the condition of the Visionary, Luminary, Mystic, Sacred Agitator, Innovator and Paradigm Disruptor.

You require a depth of inner Core Stability and inner resolve in order to hold your light and Genius Gifts unwaveringly in a world that would like to stay stuck in the old paradigms running on fear and shadow.

And you may also be suffering under this illusion. I know I was...

You think because you’re an outlier, you feel like you’re a misfit and you have to go it alone, remain misunderstood and unsupported in your quest to make the world a better place than you found it.

Nope. You absolutely fit in...

...with other women who question everything, accept nothing at face value, have zero fucks for the normal, the conventional, the acceptable, and hold a palpable resonance with a better vision for the evolution of humanity.

Your genius is a form of rebellion, a liberation from the illusion of security and safety of mediocrity. You are here at this time to radiate your true magnetism and exquisiteness.

Coming face to face with everything that IS NOT your natural magnetism, dynamism and currency of genius is confronting, to say the least.

It takes some grit, courage and bold decision-making to choose to
unravel this.

And yet, even the most initially unwilling participants in this quest have become the most intrepid and dedicated explorers of what further gifts their Shadow has been hiding from them shortly after they begin this
revelatory work in Genius Fractal.

All the hidden agendas of your ego, as seductively convincing as they may seem, can never keep you from the Truth that you are a fractal of the Genius of Source, the ONE Consciousness experiencing itself through the expression of YOU, right here, right now.

You might know this.
But are you BEING this?


Your desired Future Self pulls you forward like a vacuum if there's enough attention and momentum behind it from WHERE YOU ARE NOW.

That's exactly what Genius Fractal is designed to do.

Our next round of Genius Fractal begins July 30th.

Early Enrollment is OPEN NOW.

Four-week exploration and transmutation of your Gene Keys Activation Sequence of your Shadow Frequency into your Genius Frequency.

Your enrollment includes access to our private group and all future teachings.

*Tier options available to join.

**Limited spots available each round.

Click HERE to learn more.


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