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My work isn't for the masses.


I have a trial-by-fire approach when it comes to sharing knowledge.

In other words, the knowledge I share when I mentor and teach wasn't learned in a book or a coaching certification course.


What I share with others is the condensed and distilled potency of hard-won wisdom that was forged through years of testing things out for myself and through the trial-and-error process of failing gloriously (and often) at many things before I learned to hit the bullseye of a life that I love living.


The way I teach and the wisdom I share doesn't come in a pretty package with elegant branding and the allure of a luxury lifestyle on display, beckoning to you with promises of a high-end, comfort and ease lifestyle.


When you see me, I'm in a brewery hoodie and jeans with mud on my boots from hiking in the forest-- a dog leash in one hand and probably Finn's poop bag in the other.

I know, TMI....


Because that's me. Anything else would be misleading and inauthentic to my true nature.


I'm here for the mavericks, the outliers, the explorers on the path less traveled who have a boundless curiosity about the world and what shapes 'reality' that overrides any need for the conformities of convention.


We get our hands a little dirtier from spelunking the catacombs of our subconscious. (So, wearing nice clothes feels rather impractical...)


Those who gravitate towards the orbit of what I share in my courses and programs are only interested in what everybody else is doing for the sake of setting their True North in the opposite direction.


Not that we're hostile or spiteful of the conventional ways and means of 'doing life', no.

It's just that what is customary, conventional and well-accepted as the norm doesn't speak to our insatiable sense of wonder, doesn't excite our minds, doesn't thrill our Spirit and surely doesn't stoke our imagination.


We're the innovators, the dream-makers, the lighthouses, the truth whisperers, the time weavers of a golden future, the problem-solvers, the visionaries, the big-hearted oddballs and the rebel creators who are endlessly curious about how to do LIFE better and in ways that no one else has figured out yet.


The superficial leaves us cold.


The superconscious ignites and delights our souls.


Does any of this sound like you?


Are you delighted to see the truth of your own humanity echoed back through the words written here?


Do you hear the clarion call of your awakened imagination?


Then we should work together!

I teach high-achieving professional women to engineer their own consciousness and creative genius to transform their inner world so they can enjoy the experience of a completely transformed outer world, alight with new potentials and endless opportunities for growth.

In our dedicated and engaged, purpose-driven work together, you learn how to integrate your innate Intuitive Intelligence with your Intellectual and Emotional Intelligence to positively affect the outcomes of your physical reality and with lasting results that compound over time.

The next step is here if you'll take it...

Who you are meant to be in your true essence has always been there, and she is ready to evolve beyond just reaching goals and fulfilling intentions, but rather to fully BE in her wholeness of Core Truth.



So let me ask you....

Are you ready, committed and do you have the courage to look at your life and work through a high-powered lens so you can see where you are holding yourself back from what you truly desire?

Are you ready to learn and implement more spiritually advanced principles and practices and life-altering mindset shifts into your life and work?

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"Just wanted to say that I had my session with Kathryn yesterday and it was SO incredibly powerful for me!! I am still integrating everything, but I am already feeling such AMAZING shifts happening."

~ Tami Long Schmickle


Read more testimonials on my Welcome Page!


Before enrolling in coaching or mentoring with Kathryn Mussell....

Please read the following disclaimer. Booking a session with Kathryn Mussell is an agreement to the terms of this disclaimer and implies the full understanding on the part of the recipient of any energy healing or soul alignment that the healing that takes place during or after any session with Kathryn is the full responsibility of the recipient of said services, and removes Kathryn from any liability or responsibility whatsoever.


I am not a doctor, nor do I treat, diagnose or prescribe any treatments, heal, or dispense any medical advice.

Any and all healing that takes place during sessions with Kathryn Mussell is the sole responsibility of the person receiving the healing energy. Kathryn Mussell works with energy, specifically transmissions, alignments, attunements, and activations of energy in and around the energy fields of the body. These energy transmissions do no harm. It is up to the sole discretion of the individual receiving the healing to advocate for themselves if further support is needed or warranted.

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