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Women Walking the Phoenix Path

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You forgot that you are THE STORM, you are THE TEMPEST, you are THE RECKONING.

You are remembering that you've had enough fear, disappointment, guilt, shame, and enough sacrificing of your innate desire and birthright to THRIVE to last you several lifetimes.

You are ready to live in the energy of Less is More by un-becoming all that you ARE NOT.

How do you know you're on the Phoenix Path?

You are ready to demand the best for yourself now.

No more waiting, making excuses, putting LIFE on hold.

You've risen up, past and through many situations where you have put your life, your passion, your vision and your dreams on hold.

Many of life's previous situations or structures of being that you've allowed to define or confine you have now broken down-- careers changed or abandoned, children raised, marriages and family relationships collapsed and/or dissolved, and previous beliefs about yourself and reality no longer hold up as truth.

You find yourself in a level of profound self-awareness now that you may not have experienced before.

~ You can see, maybe for the first time, where your trauma, pain and deep wounds have been hiding in plain sight and you are adamant about not letting them define you or confine you any longer.

~ You have a level of self-recognition and courage in the light of knowing that there is no going back, only brave steps forward, creating the life you always wanted.

~ You know that it is not just that your frequency has shifted. It is that your entire foundation of being, built on a previous version of self, has collapsed and it is time to discover the bedrock that you'll build the rest of your life on.

All this creates space within you and calibrates you to a higher and higher capacity to receive all the abundance that is already here

for the taking.

You're waiting for something outside of you to hand it over, finally.

But your human forgot something that your soul already knows.

You're here to remember-- you give it all to yourself.

It's all already HERE for the taking.

What you're waiting on is giving yourself permission to


You are the gatekeeper, keeping at bay all of life's pleasures that are waiting to flow in.

Now, you get to start putting pieces together that didn't resonate before.

You get to start over from experience and apply your emotional intelligence, hard-won resilience and wisdom in order to elevate your commitment

to yourself.

You have a firm resolve to live life differently, courageously and with a set of boundaries and guidelines that you get to create as you go.

You recognize that NOW is the time to set yourself FREE.

Women Walking the Phoenix Path is rapid and dramatic multidimensional energetic transformation and is the culmination of years' worth of intention, wisdom, fine-tuning and intense experiential feedback from my own journey of personal reinvention over the last twenty years of my life.

This is the most unique and powerful offering for your personal transformation and reinvention that I have ever put forth and I CANNOT WAIT to

share it with you.


Phoenix Path is a self-led program of personal reinvention through a Core Paradigm Shift and Soul Awakening.

A profound remembrance of your ability to rise again and again into greater levels of your brilliant creative genius in a challenging and uncertain time on this planet.

A map of how to navigate the shifting landscapes of life with greater emotional intelligence, resilient Core Stability, passion, play, curiosity, innovative creativity and with a sense of childlike wonder.

Quit looking back. You're not going that way.

It doesn't matter where you've been.

What matters solely is WHERE YOU ARE NOW.

*****     *****     *****

You KNOW and FEEL you are different, even if you cannot describe it with any words that make sense.

...And that is the BEST place to begin this journey.


Women Walking the Phoenix Path is open now as a self-led program of radical multidimensional transformation and re-foundationing of your personal reality.


You can join this program with the button below.


 Payment plan available.

“Honestly, these eight weeks changed my thoughts on Life forever. I learned tools to help me move forward with the strength in knowing, I create what my Future holds.”

~ Praise for Phoenix Path

"And now Understanding the "As me"experience I have also enjoyed the Energy it brings. It truly explains the feeling of expanding the world of All that you are and it really feels like home to me."

~ Praise for Phoenix Path

"What a fascinating week it has been for me! My mind is still freshly blown. I have been musing. Observing myself slipping into these levels of consciousness. Unraveling. Savoring."

~ Praise for Phoenix Path

"...I appreciate this Phoenix path journey and how far I’ve come. I repeated the body ailments and release exercise and I’m definitely feeling better than I was before I started this journey."

~ Praise for Phoenix Path

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