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Women Walking the Phoenix Path

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I have forged a solid commitment to living in the energy of Less is More and I have been quietly helping women to reorganize their reality so they may do the same.

* Less confusion about who you are as a divine human, and less of the limiting beliefs that keep you living at odds with that purity of being.

* Less of feeling at war with yourself, where your thoughts about yourself are at cross-purposes with the life you want to live and what you think is possible.

* Less investing of your energy towards people, situations and events that drain you of your light, your passion and your creativity.

* Less fucks about things outside of you that you cannot change or control and keep you distracted from what is ready for dramatic multidimensional energetic transformation.

All this creates space within you and calibrates you to a higher and higher capacity to receive all the abundance that is already here

for the taking.

You're waiting for something outside of you to hand it over, finally.

But your human forgot something that your soul already knows.

You're here to remember-- you give it all to yourself.

It's all already there for the taking.

What you're waiting on is giving yourself permission to ALLOW it.

And as you whittle down the things in your life that no longer support you, no longer make sense, no longer provide any satisfaction or fulfillment, you realize something truly astounding....

This is the YOU that you were always meant to be, and NOW, you're ready to fall in fierce, head-over-heels love with her and give her EVERYTHING she wants.

(Why did you wait so long?)

However.... and this time... it will be QUALITY over QUANTITY.

It will be more about choosing to align yourself with the things in life that are a seamless match to what you highly value and to what gives life the most meaning for you.

And once you get a taste for that, you get really fucking brave.

You're willing to burn down, vaporize, eviscerate and leave behind anything that doesn't line up with that.... and without regret, apology or second-guessing.

Because you realize that you are losing nothing and gaining everything that brings you more power, more prosperity, more autonomy, more vitality and more enthusiasm for and trust in LIFE, in all its glory-- its challenges and its rewards.

Quit looking back. You're not going that way.

It doesn't matter where you've been.

What matters solely is WHERE YOU ARE NOW.

All the applied knowledge and wisdom gained in your life has brought you to this moment, where you get to rewrite a new contract and reinvent your life, if you choose that.

Will you?

Women Walking the Phoenix Path.

Rapid and dramatic multidimensional energetic transformation.

Women Walking the Phoenix Path will be enrolling new members again in December for the live program

starting early 2024.


You can apply for your spot in the upcoming program with the button below.


“Honestly, these eight weeks changed my thoughts on Life forever. I learned tools to help me move forward with the strength in knowing, I create what my Future holds.”

~ Praise for Phoenix Path

"And now Understanding the "As me"experience I have also enjoyed the Energy it brings. It truly explains the feeling of expanding the world of All that you are and it really feels like home to me."

~ Praise for Phoenix Path

"What a fascinating week it has been for me! My mind is still freshly blown. I have been musing. Observing myself slipping into these levels of consciousness. Unraveling. Savoring."

~ Praise for Phoenix Path

"...I appreciate this Phoenix path journey and how far I’ve come. I repeated the body ailments and release exercise and I’m definitely feeling better than I was before I started this journey."

~ Praise for Phoenix Path

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