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Leading Edge Creator
Bespoke Reality of New Earth

Don't call it manifesting.

This is Bespoke Reality of New Earth.

This is Leading Edge Creator.


Focusing solely on The Law of Attraction, as many well-meaning teachers of manifesting do, falls woefully short of the big-picture wisdom available to you that makes creating your reality more seamless...𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙬𝙖𝙮 𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚 𝙁𝙐𝙉.

It omits a lot of vital information, passes over valuable and as yet misunderstood principles of reality creation and treats this one Universal Law as if it exists in a vacuum. It doesn't.

Magnetizing new realities is sacred and potent ALCHEMY.

And your vibration is EVERYTHING. It sets up the Core Paradigm of you.

The Paradigm of you is the composite of all of your ideas, beliefs, assumptions, attitudes and behaviors and is the filter for how you see yourself and your

entire reality.

It is the foundation and the fuel behind everything you have created, are creating now and will ever create going forward.

And here's the kicker.... change your Paradigm, change your LIFE and all the circumstances and conditions that you want to experience will shift along with that.

This is what it means to 𝙗𝙚 𝙖 𝙇𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙀𝙙𝙜𝙚 𝘾𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙤𝙧.

I don't teach manifestation.


I teach MAGNETIZATION, and with a deeper connection with the knowledge of HOW Universal Laws fit together so you can have a Plug-and-Play experience with designing your preferred reality.

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When you have clarity on what you want and your choices line up with this, the forces of life rise to meet you.

You'd be surprised at how adeptly and swiftly the Universe starts to meet you on that path, showing up with the right people, with aligned opportunities, with nudges towards taking inspired action.

Get clear on this-- your confusion, your overwhelm, your sense of randomness in this life clears up, too.

In Leading Edge Creator....

~ You'll learn about the benevolent presiding force that translates your intentions into your creations, the Magneto-Electric Universe.

~ You'll learn a powerful clearing technique of focusing your Breath in order to clear a lifetime's worth of false imprints that you've used to hide your infinite power, wisdom and creativity from yourself.

~ You'll stop creating what is called a 'Negative Vision' which drives the false desires of your would-be creations more than you'd like to think.

~ You'll know how to work with the guiding principles of the Universe, Spiritual Laws, so you can make up and design a reality that you prefer to experience and with the least amount of resistance possible.

~ You'll be introduced to the energetic structures that influence your thoughtforms and that of the collective consciousness in ways you may have never known about and learn how to stop funding their energy of 'collective resistance.'

~ You'll learn how to take all this wisdom and powerfully and purposefully create with highly focused intention and use your own ancient yet sophisticated inner broadcasting mechanism that helps you locate and draw in your material manifestations in 3D reality, your Reticular Activating System.


The clients I get to work with understand something so simple yet so profound....


~ You will never achieve things in life beyond what YOU BELIEVE you can.

~ You will never be able to go beyond your old Core Paradigm or Self Concept and the sum of its parts.

In other words, the image you have of yourself, being the composite of your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, opinions, ideas and assumptions you have about yourself and what you believe is possible in life will be your self-imposed

ceiling of limitation.

You have been constantly living as a version of yourself you are programmed to believe you are - in direct opposition to your true self. Your True Self is capable, lovable, worthy, creative and resourceful, and also limitless and eternal!


There's nothing in the way of what you truly want EXCEPT YOU.

There will never be a greater resource OUTSIDE of you that can elevate you past the experience you are having and deliver you into the results you want.

It isn't chance, luck, hustling, coincidence or any other outer cause that shifts your reality to experience greater levels of prosperity and abundance.

You are the RESOURCE of everything you need.

YOU are the catalyst of paradigm-shifting transformation.

YOU are the impact you're desiring to make on the world. 

And the world needs you to pull back your power from the places you hid it from yourself-- in your stories of pain and struggle, in your false assumptions about your unlovability or unworthiness, and in the moments you bought into the lies you were told about reality from people, society and systems that were built to keep you small.


You are Everything that is NOT THAT.


You are perfect and beautiful and an expression of The ONE Consciousness that is infinite, eternal love and you always will be. 

You just don't believe it yet.

~ ~ ~

It isn't outer circumstances or anything external to your inner being that must shift in order to accommodate the life you desire.

It is your consciousness that must evolve to embody a concept, an idea and image of yourself that matches in resonance with the higher outcomes you desire.

You are here, at this time, to align with a new paradigm of creating your reality.

What seems new to you here in this program is ancient knowledge, but it is that you are finally in a vibration and a timeline aligned to receive it and use it with love and with the intention of the highest good of all.



Payment Plans Available.

Here's what members have to say about Leading Edge Creator....

"I’ve studied with others and Leading Edge Creator goes beyond what some big names in the field teach. Join us! It’s so good!" ~ Miraiya D.

"My work with you is the only teaching that has given me real results and the knowing that I will continue to grow and anyone still wondering if it’s worth it, I’ve had a profound paradigm shift in Leading Edge." ~ Carol B.

"I released lots of energy that has been inside me for more than 3 decades and the feeling of my financial freedom is every time deeper and solid inside me......I am so grateful for this space, for your teachings, for everyone here, for the support and the beautiful energy that surrounds us. I have a deep gratitude and appreciation for my life that I never experienced before." ~ Angelica

" June magic started to happen and I started to resonate with Kathryn Mussell's posts.... And I have felt that Kathryn is the best of all my coaches, but also maybe they all got me upleveled to resonate with her teachings.....when LEC came along, I knew that Kathryn was key, she was the coach and this was the course to get me to finally having these teachings sink in and get me connecting with my vortex and living my dream life here in 3D!!" ~ Pandora A.

"OMG Kathryn, this talk today was just the medicine I needed, with the pyramid diagram serving as the illuminating triage. In fact, that’s what I might call it: magnetizing triage." ~ Barbara

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