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The Lotus Throne
 Initiation for Spirit-Led Visionary Women

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The Lotus Throne is a woman's visionary journey of initiation-- release and renewal, purification and preparation.

We begin the next round of this 8-week intimate and powerful visionary immersion in mid-November.

Open to 8 women only.

You've been feeling for too long that the light and wisdom of others is more powerful than your own.

It's time to seat yourself on the throne of your own spiritual authority and be the feminine force of change and impact that changes the lives of others.

It's time to follow the wisdom and guidance that's already in your heart and know the fullness of this expression with the help of an intuitive channel, visionary, and passage creator who is here to support you in bringing your big vision to life.

Your vision is not just your own.

It is a gift from Source that is meant to filter THROUGH YOU for the benefit of many, many others.


The Lotus Throne is a catalyst and accelerator for you to craft and actualize your unique vision for your life and business in aiding the healing paths of others.

~ Idea and Content Generation, Lotus Breath Initiation series of activations, Shadow Healing, Restoration of Human/Soul Blueprint from Inner Child and Mother/Father Wounding, Intuitive and Emotional Mastery, Building of Confidence, Belief, Courage and Clarity as you Focus on FLOW with Source Connection.

~ Two group coaching sessions per week ~ Activation and Accountability.
~ Personalized, intuitive 1:1 session.

~ Voxer Instant Messaging/ Coaching Access every week.

Who is this Accelerator for?

~ Women who recognize that they're already offering a high level of service as someone who is able to hold a lot of energetic space in integrity for the transformation of self and others and want to significantly increase their capacity to be a transformational force for themselves and others.

~ Women who KNOW and BELIEVE in their heart and soul that they are here to do
things differently.

~ Women who greatly desire to be a catalyst for change on the planet and aren't afraid to boldly bring their vision to life (a program, a modality, a book, a teaching, a music composition or any other artform that assists the healing and growth of others), even if it looks like nothing else out there.

~ Women who don't resonate with the collective fear of systems and structures breaking down in our current collapsing timeline, but rather see this auspicious time on Earth as an opportunity to build a better way of being that benefits the highest good of all.

~ Women who are willing to embrace change and taking risks in order to bring their sacred vision to life.

~ Women who want to cultivate and strengthen their power as visionary leaders and bolster their emotional intelligence and mental resilience in order to meet the challenges of doing things that are unconventional.

~ Women who are self-led and understand that results are 100% dependent on effort, participation and accountability and are willing to make the work we do together in this space a priority.

~ Women who are willing to compassionately witness and support the other women on their journeys in this intimate group.

Enrollment is open now for 8 women only.
Just a few spots remain.

We will meet for two calls per week for 9 weeks starting mid-November.

Your Initiation and Preparation for
Visionary Mastery is here.


"I am making only the choices that feel wonderful to me and support my desire for joy! Making my life and business more simple with just a few offers and releasing what drags me down."

~ Praise for Lotus Throne Initiation

"Since the beginning of this round of Lotus Throne, there have been synchronistic and serendipitous events in my life. I really do feel like I am building a solid foundation of bringing my creations through from a place of purity. I am listening deeply to the tone of my home frequency."

~ Praise for Lotus Throne Initiation

Ready and dedicated to this sacred  journey?
Join at the full price of $2222

2 x $1111
4 x $567

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