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Sacred DNA Activation and Restructure Method®

The Sacred DNA Activation and Restructure Method®

is a re-calibration of energy that triggers transformation of the organic human-suit we inhabit on planet earth.


This DNA upgrade is for those who are ready to step up and step out, for those who know they are meant for things far beyond their comprehension, for those who are ready to really help people and make a difference in circles far and wide.


Unlocking and grounding your ethereal DNA into the physical world ignites your psychic abilities and propels your manifesting abilities forward with momentum that will

leave you in awe.

Sacred DNA Activation & Restructure is very important right now for you as a physical and spiritual being and for the entire planet in order to assist the

collective ascension process.


Unnatural seals on the planet's grid and the DNA act as a barrier to keep darkness, fear, despair within the Earth...creating chaos within the human heart and mind, as well as many devastating catastrophes on this planet. When the seals are removed from our physical body, a natural light will be restored, not only to us, but the Earth's Crystalline Grid, allowing all Stargates to fully function, along with true liberation from the dark outer forces.

Your Original Divine DNA Template for

Human Progression

The original divine template for human progression was a natural unfolding of higher consciousness in one lifetime.

For example, at age 12 your Soul body would be activated, which corresponds to DNA strands 4, 5, and 6.

At the age of 22, your Oversoul body would be activated, which corresponds to

DNA strands 7, 8, and 9 would activate.

At the age of 33, your Christos Avatar body would be activated, which corresponds to the activation of DNA strands 10, 11, and 12.

By the age of 44, your Rishi body (where you embody 12 dimensional levels of consciousness) would be activated, which corresponds to

DNA strands 13, 14, and 15.

This natural process is the embodiment of one’s higher consciousness~ also known as ascension.

Since the majority of humanity is unable to activate strand 4 during adolescence because of seals/frequency fences placed on the Earth’s grid and the DNA, chemicals back up in the DNA creating all kinds of emotional issues and physical imbalances.

This is not natural.

Strand 4 never gets activated and thus a person never activates their Soul Identity.


Thus they have no idea why they incarnated here, what they are here to do, and cannot even connect to and listen to their Higher Self because their seven higher senses are not active.

If unnatural seals on the Earth’s grid and the DNA are not cleared, then biological death is inevitable.


Yet, biological death is not natural to our etheric or physical DNA templates.

We are meant to biologically ascend, which is the accommodation of higher frequencies of light to transform the body into a far less dense, crystalline structure. *We were never designed to just leave the physical body behind when moving into the next dimension of consciousness.

If we are in full integrity with our Divine DNA template, transmutational progression (going from a dense state of matter into a lighter state of matter) would allow us to evolve up to higher dimensions naturally.

The body would transform from a carbon based matter, to a silica-based matter and eventually into crystalline liquid-light pre-matter.


Your body would literally turn into golden light and you could once again consciously reach the state of Oneness with Source. This has always been and continues to be the true evolutionary path of human consciousness.

Here's what to expect when you receive a Sacred DNA Activation & Restructure and seals and implants are removed from your DNA and ethereal being.

- Original Divine Blueprint and DNA template restored
- the removal of the J-seals (which is the most important thing a person can do at this point in time!!)
- better connection to Higher Self
- receive much more intuition from your Higher Self and you can start making your free-will choices in line with the Higher Self
- restore our organic imprint for optimal health and well being
- a natural light will be restored, not only to us, but the Earth's Crystalline Grid
- evolution towards frequencies of love and higher dimensions
- more psychic skills noticed
- reach higher states such as bliss and unconditional love
- back, neck and knee problems dissipate (especially on the left side of the body)
- breathe better
- better circulation

- increased and accelerated manifesting abilities


Did you know that most DNA Activations fade?

In other words, you have to do them again.

DNA activation is crucial to raising the planet’s vibration. This is so important!

Many know this and are having their DNA activated. What they don’t realize is that it’s not as effective or lasts if the DNA is not ALSO Restructured.

They only get so high in vibration because of the unnatural seals placed on the Earth’s grid and the DNA. The seals act like frequency fences, allowing them moments of ascension before forcing them back down.

If you decide to have your DNA activated, make sure it’s also restructured

and the seals are removed!

Activation without restructuring is like test driving your dream car. You get a taste of its power and beauty, but then you have to return to the lot.

Restructuring allows you to take the car home.


So, what exactly happens during restructuring?

During the process, your 4 body system is examined: emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental. As a Sacred DNA Activation & Restructure Method® practitioner, I locate the unnatural seals and remove them, thus repairing your DNA.

I check to see where these seals have impacted your physical experience and facilitate the healing of these areas during restructuring.

It’s an intense experience.

When you are being restructured, you’ll feel energy moving through your body when certain seals are removed. Some seals affect the whole left side of your body, another seal might leave the taste of metal in your mouth, and another seal makes you feel euphoric because it’s removal connects you with unconditional love and released endorphins.

Learn more about unnatural seals on the

Earth's grid and the DNA HERE

I also look for physical ailments, and anywhere it shows on the DNA and clear it up, like the Death Seal. It sounds scary, but it’s not that bad. The Death Seal just keeps you in an endless cycle of reincarnating on Earth back and forth between 3D and 4D. While not necessarily bad, you’ll want to join the rest of the planet in 5D 'cause it’s glorious here!

DNA activation allows you to expand and go back to higher dimensions that you've stepped down from to come to Earth, and the restructuring leaves that gate open for you to return when you want. Without the restructuring, the gate will eventually close, and you’ll need to be activated again.


Being activated and restructured also helps with other activations or healings you do from then on, as it helps you release negativity you've clung to for lifetimes.

Everyone experiences the process of activation differently.

Because you are dense physically, you’ll begin to shed cellulose and become more crystalline, resulting in a feeling of lightness.

You may experience:

~ thirst
~ headaches (because the debris is cleared from the third eye—pineal gland— and is expanding)
~ a tingling sensation in your body as the body flushes toxins from the lymphatic and glandular system

~ better energy flow and ego dissolution (not depression, but the shift will dredge up whatever you still need to work through)
~ elimination of brain fog
~ more vivid and lucid dreams-  you’ll recall them long-term and you may even astral travel (especially if you have up to 24 strands activated and restructured)

Whatever you go through, getting to the other side of all of the work and discomfort is massive magic!

You’ve been through a lot in life, but now is the time to rise, get rid of what's held you back and share the best version of you with the world!

Everything you’ve gone through has prepared you for this time, as the planet's vibration is higher than ever.

Collectively, we’re wiser and more awakened, and the planet is protected because of this.


It’s safe now to emerge and step into your light through

DNA Activation and Restructuring.

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24 Strand Sacred DNA Activation and Restructuring®


Highly Recommended for healers and those who are here to assist humanity with the Ascension process.

The first hour is where the activation takes place remotely.

The second hour is our Zoom follow-up call.



48 Strand Sacred DNA Activation and Restructuring®

This level DNA Activation is really for those on the planet who identify with being a Guardian or Ambassador of the New Earth Timelines and also for those who want to embody the role of the Higher Initiate of Spiritual mysteries that are being awakened on this planet.


This is an intense higher strand DNA activation and inter-dimensional activation of the vortices between the first 24 DNA strands.

**There are two one-hour follow-up sessions for this service.

Your DNA transmission begins remotely at the time of your booking and lasts 3-4 hours. Our first follow-up call takes place one day after the transmission. You will be sent separate links to book the first and second Zoom calls.




Book your Sacred DNA Activation and Restructuring Session


DNA Activation and Restructuring Testimonials:


“It’s amazing. I would highly recommend it. It’s helped me in so many ways. My Clair’s are increased, my journeying/mediation/activations are deeper and next level. So many fears were released about stepping into my calling. Overall I feel better emotionally and physically. Channeling is so much clearer. I hesitated for a few months and I am so genuinely grateful I underwent this process.”  ~ Raquell Denio

"I have felt so in alignment in the last month or two - despite some of the chaos out there. I can really feel the unity and the excitement because it’s all happening right now. I’ve even had some spontaneous, in-the-moment, living room dance sessions where I feel so full of joy and “at-one-ness” that I get goosebumps and feel like I might burst out of my body. I haven’t experienced this intensity of connection in a while. I’ve had some pretty amazing meditations, intuitive lightbulb moments and downloads, mystical experiences and even some first-time telepathic ET communications." ~ Woudri Van der Merwe


“The best I can describe it is that it feels like I’ve had a major heart opening.  All of the “things” I thought I wanted to pursue and offer through my business have done a major turnaround.  I’ve literally experienced a “change of heart”.  I’m feeling so heart centered and open and am walking around with a huge smile on my face as I reorient my Self toward what my heart deeply wants to be doing / offering / experiencing moving forward.”  ~ Melanie Miner


 “I feel like I have been spiritually reborn, activated and "opened" to myself and my next phase of growth. I'm filled with excitement and anticipation.” ~ Tammi Lipp


“Opens UP SO MUCH! I know I could feel the Truth after. It opened up my ways of thinking and allowed me to do things in this life I would never have thought possible.”  Tara Watson


“It is amazing!! So glad I finally did it! …seriously I feel so much brighter since I have had my activation and restructuring. It's so worth it. Call in that abundance and manifest this for yourself!” ~ Sarah Chapman


"Do it, it's amazing!" ~ Stacey Allen.

"It has been just over a week since I have received the DNA Activation and Restructuring and I have Already received SO much clarity, insight and intuitive/soul connection with the universe, my higher self and guides! My confidence is Sky rocketing and I'm FINALLY beginning to step out of my comfort zone and present myself to the world in a way that has been scary to me! Which I have not been able to do for many lifetimes. Not only has this helped me with being my authentic spiritual self and being seen but has helped me in overcoming some major hurdles with my physical healing I have been struggling with. I received so much confirmation and validation with a lot of things I had already known was going on, as well as SO many more answered. I couldn't recommend this more! An absolute game changer! Thank you, a million times thank you Kathryn!"  ~ Heather Lawrence

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